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My First Dress in 33 Years

I purchased this T-shirt dress last week and wore it today to work. And it’s not even categorized as a PLUS SIZE T-shirt dress. In the last 33 years, I wore dresses but they were in theatrical shows or for Halloween or for the one wedding where I was a bridesmaid in.

This is the first dress that I bought on purpose to purposely wear on purpose to work of all places and to be seen in public!!!! And I bought it on clearance with a coupon too.

Then I did the unthinkable. I bought three more. One, being striped. How daring of me eh???? Another is pink with pinker polka dots on it. Yikes!

It’s nice being able to not have to shop in the “big girl” sizes anymore and to feel as if I finally belong.

By the way, the white hoodie is the first white hoodie I’ve ever owned too. I bought that baby at a thrift shop in a “normal” size.

Tomorrow I’m simply wearing a sassy skirt with a flower print shirt (another new concept). What the hell is happening to me??? I am loving life.



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No Time For Excuses

Since my weekend facebook posts so many have PM’d me asking “my secret” to weight loss. There is NO SECRET. You gotta get off your ass and be disciplined and just do it.

Then I mentioned the Wheat Belly lifestyle and they all, no lie, said “I could never give up bread.”

There you go. Another excuse.

Be fat forever then.

Food addiction is no different than drug addiction or alcohol addiction or gambling addiction. Or any other type of addiction known to mankind.

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A Conversation Last Night

I had a conversation with someone last night about my recent weight loss. She said something about people usually lose a lot of weight in the beginning, not so much in the end… but with me… when I got the lap band done, they didn’t fill up my lap band with very much saline at first, I told her.

Unlike gastric bypass or with a mutual friend of ours and her sleeve surgery, you lose rapidly right away… then it dramatically slows down. With the lap band, it’s the opposite. Starts mega slow and depending on how you follow the strict lap band rules and how many fills you get… that determines how much you lose, etc.

From 2013, a year after my lap band to 2017 I did not have any fills in my lap band at all… because I didn’t either have insurance or my insurance wasn’t the same as Avera and a lot of cost would have been through the roof so i never followed up on getting any done so my weight loss was slow and agonizing…..End of 2017 I had 2 more fills and on the last of those 2, I had my final fill that my lap band would allow.

That’s when I was dropping weight like magic. And that’s where I am at now…. With my current job, I have amazing insurance and both fills were covered 100% so I didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

Plus I’m a year and a half in on my Wheat Belly lifestyle. You know, I gave up eating toxic processed shit food for the good of my health.

I hope this clears up your confusion I wrote her today. But ask me anything, I’ll do my best to give you my honest opinion.

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33 Years Ago

When I realized I was going to have the lap band surgery six years ago, one of my biggest wishes was to be able to start wearing fun, cute dresses like so many thinner people had been wearing at the time — and still are. Sure, I could have worn dresses six years ago but I was large enough and I did not want to appear larger by looking like I was wearing a tent.

Anyways … in the past six years, I never bought one single dress until today. And it wasn’t a plus size dress either. I bought it in the women’s section but it wasn’t plus size.

I took the dress into the dressing room, said a little prayer and pulled it over my head. No tight fit. No weirdness. I allowed myself to look at the fit, I looked up to see a big smile on my face. And boy, was I ever grinning. Widely.

The model to the right is wearing the dress I bought. It was also on sale. Yes, I picked black. And let me say this one more time. It’s not plus-size. I also have a lot of cute, bright-colored tights and leggings to wear underneath it too.

I was trying to recall when the last time I did actually wear a dress. My graduation day from high school. May 26, 1985.

Life is good.

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Happiness to me means. . .

Photo from Custer, SD on Sept. 2nd

I just returned home from a 4-day vacation to the Black Hills (in South Dakota) and brought back some nice goodies.

Go ahead and ask me question: WHAT DOES HAPPINESS MEAN TO YOU?

Buying T-shirts in a size LARGE!!!!!

Last Labor Day weekend 2017, in the Black Hills, I came home with hoodies and T-shirts in the size 2XL.

Baby steps people. And I am a huge fan of the Wheat Belly lifestyle. It does work really really well if you follow the rules and if you FOLLOW THE RULES!!!!

Continue to make great choices my friends. Peace out.

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Can You See a Difference?

I just returned home today from a 4-day vacation with my mom in the Black Hills of South Dakota. A year ago, we were there too, over Labor Day weekend. Also a year ago, I met up with a college pal from Northern State College in Aberdeen (circa 1985 to 1987), SD.

The photo on the left hand side was from September 1, 2017 in Custer. I was sporting different eye glasses and a very short pixie.

The photo on the right was from September 3, 2018, also in Custer. I now have longer hair, darker hair, different eye glasses and have lost a significant amount of weight from a year ago.

I love the changes I am going through during this shrinking phase.