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Never Ever Ever Give Up!

Howdy All…. I totally forgot about my blog until I came across of it by accident last week. After figuring out my password, I decided to start writing again. I’ve missed it so. To catch you all up to date, several things have changed….

FIRST: My original surgeon, Dr. Michael Haley, MD at Avera Queen of Peace in Mitchell, SD retired in 2016. The last time I had seen him was 4 years ago. And that was my last fill of 10 cc’s of saline.

SECOND: I was referred to Dr. David Strand, MD at Avera’s Surgical Institute in Sioux Falls, SD. I initially saw him on October 6, 2017 … it was agreed upon for me to keep a detailed food diary before he’d agree for another fill. So I did the food diary and seriously, I recorded everything, including all the Halloween candy I snarfed down my pie hole.

October 27, 2017, Dr. Strand agreed to give me 1/2 more of saline solution in my Lap Band… I was quite nervous getting one since the previous fills with Dr. Haley in Mitchell, he never could do the fills in his office. I was always sent to Avera Queen of Peace and had to get it done there, at the hospital. However, Dr. Strand had no problem getting the needle through my scar tissue on the 27th and decided to just fill my band at 10.5 cc’s.

I am returning on Friday, December 1st for another fill and I am still keeping an exact food diary of everything I shove into my mouth. Yes, even all the mini candy bars from Halloween. Hey, I’m not proud of these human errors I am doing but I did say I’d be honest.

THIRD: From last year’s last post to this one… I’ve dropped a lot of inches and sizes in clothing. And weirdly enough, shoes. At my heaviest, my feet had swollen up to a size 10.5. At present date, I am now in a NARROW 9M. All the wide shoes I used to only be able to wear are extremely large for my feet. And I am now a shoe whore. The plastic Crocs that used to adorn my feet are hopefully sitting on the bottom of some city dump site.

FOURTH: Back in April 2017, I started the Wheat Belly lifestyle. It has totally changed my life for the better. I eat no Wheat and absolutely no other grains. Aside from the recent Halloween binge of an assortment of candy, I do eat mostly gluten-free too. I get a lot of questionable facial expressions when I tell someone I do not eat any grains but then I tell them that I have reversed my diabetes, I have reversed my depression and I’ve reversed my life long allergies. I sleep better, I have more energy and it’s all FREE. It costs nothing to invest in your health and well-being and if I can do it, you can do it.

FIFTH: I bought a Fitbit last Winter and absolutely love it. I do a lot of walking where I am currently employed so I love to challenge myself on a regular basis of getting more steps in. I am no way near the 10,000 steps a day but a few times this past summer, I was over 13,000 steps a day. Otherwise I do not belong to any type of gym or pay anyone else to get me in better shape.

SIXTH: I gave up cable TV also in April and I just stream on Hulu, Netflix and CBS All Access. I have watched over 10 food documentaries thus far and each and every one, I have learned a lot of knowledge about food that I put in my pie hole. I encourage anyone else wanting a change in their eating habits to check them out.

SEVENTH: In May, I bought an inexpensive juicer and started juicing. It’s been fun exploring different combinations of fruits and veggies. The one recipe I absolutely love to drink is: pears, apples, 1/2 inch of ginger, carrots, 1/2 of a lemon and beets.

I could keep writing all night long about all the positive changes I’ve made for my body and overall self-worth. However, it’s bedtime and I promise to write more this weekend. Goodnight!!!



Continuation of my Shrinkage

amyI wanted to share my great diabetic news with you…. My A1C from 2010 to roughly 2015 was at an all time high of 13… at my recent 6mo diabetic check up on March 4th, it has dropped to an 8. This past July I started following Forks Over Knives — a plant based lifestyle of eating… and I quit eating cheese and drinking milk. I’m still shrinking from my lap band and am the most healthiest I have ever been in my life. My biggest goal and hope is by my next checkup on Sept 1st, I am off all medications of high blood pressure/diabetic meds and can continue living life to the fullest.


I Do Not Miss You

You’ll-Never-Eat-McDonald’s-Again-After-You-Read-These-Horrifying-FactsIt has been a little over three years since I went through a fast food drive-thru to order a squashed greasy burger and fries. And I’m so proud of my strong-will and accomplishments of not doing that.

Hopefully by early October I will have relocated myself to follow a new career that I recently accepted. And I am thrilled to smithereens to know that the only fast food joint in this new village is sandwich shop. Nothing in terms of a Wendy’s, Burger King or even a McDonald’s in sight. AMEN!!!!

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Run As Fast As You Can!

isSchool is back in session and what a better way to start anew with a whole new way of eating. Several weeks ago I rewarded myself the book, FORK OVER KNIVES and have thoroughly enjoyed reading everything about plant-based eating.

Two weeks ago, I quit eating cheese. And I love love love cheese! But not having it around or even walking by it at the grocery store doesn’t even bother me anymore. And slowly, I am stopping dairy all together. Including ice cream. I am now opting to treat myself to sugar-free popsicles.

My goal with this new lifestyle…. get off ALL of my numerous medications for high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, stop using my CPAP machine/mask….and just continue to shed unwanted pounds and just be more and more healthier.

Working at a fast food joint where I see so many overweight folks come through the line asking for the healthier meat sandwiches but then dumping more than a half of bottle of mayo and other fatty sauces on their hoagie … pretty damn frightening to witness. I just want to scream at them to run as fast as you can from this joint and go eat a large salad. And quit eating so much processed foods!!!!

So I’ll keep you updated on my new adventure. Continue to make good food choices.

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Summer of 2015

10534478_1761905220702870_39430612750700157_nMyself and my two nieces: Jordan (Oregon) and Nicole (Tennessee) on my mom’s family homestead near Tyndall, SD. July 3, 2015


I haven’t had this much fun during a summer since I was a young kid. Lots of things aren’t really lining up for me in other avenues of my life as I know it but things that are hugely important to me are. And I’m doing very well still in slowly losing weight, inches and gaining back my self-worth. Yes, three years after the fact. Also my eating habits — the old ones, the very bad ones, are thankfully something of the past now … and I challenged myself this past week to give up eating excess salt like my all time favorite snack: sunflower seeds. I haven’t been back to my apartment since June 26th so from that date to today, July 5th, I’m overly proud of myself for staying true to my promise. I will return home tomorrow.

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Today Is My 3rd Year Bandiversary


Three years ago today, I saved my own life.

Happy 3-Years of successful weight loss and living as a healthy person to me. Three years ago today, I was at Queen of Peace Hospital in Mitchell, SD in the midst of having my lap band surgery. And Dr. Haley was my surgeon.

Three years later, I’ve lost a lot of inches and weight and gained back my self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. I also have given away or sold a ton of oversized clothes and shoes. As well as other larger than life items that used to be more handy to me as a large person versus how I am now.

I still have a ways to go with my weight loss journey but it’s all about baby steps and I could not be more happier.

Thanks for all the encouragement and support these past 3 years!!!