Here’s To Me & You & Everyone Else

I have never quite understood how I could EVER inspire anyone for what I have been actively doing for my own well-being with my 9-year weight loss journey.

On Dec. 31st, I met someone who actually INSPIRED me. So I get it now. Now more than ever, I’m making a conscious effort to really watch what I eat for every meal.

And after holding the title for “Most Laziest to Exercise,” on Jan. 12th I just did it. Exercised. I’ve been cycling every day since… and using my arm weights. When warmer temps come, I’ll take it outside — there’s a lot of parks to explore here… I cannot say thank you enough for everyone’s amazing support on my journey…

Happy Monday!


Go Me!

So this happened this morning. . . 💙 I am wearing a womans size MEDIUM (size 12) for active wear pants/jeans and a LARGE t-shirt today.

A year ago, I wore a 2X t-shirt and 18/20 size pants. 😍👣 Keep making baby steps to improve your health/life my friends. Time to cycle. 🚴‍♀️🏋️‍♀️


Sunday Funday

I just rode my recumbent bike for 20.3 miles!!!!!! 🤸‍♀️🚴‍♀️😍💙 In the beginning, I did some arm weights then I just cycled watching American Ninja Warrior.

Earlier I did a massive overhaul of cleaning my entire apartment which included moving/rearranging furniture too.

And before that, I did grocery shopping at Aldi and Sam’s Club. Supper tonight is lettuce salad with sunflower kernels and 1/2 cup cottage cheese with pepper.

I am FINALLY feeling like the healing is almost done…. but I know that isn’t true. Let’s hope my body reacts in a positive manner when I wake up tomorrow morning at 5:45AM for work.

I am so ready to face this coming week too. Keep the faith my friends!

And Then This Happened…

I exercised.

Actually, I exercised on my recumbent bike that I have owned for a zillion years but has basically just sat collecting dust. I had it delivered to my teeny tiny home this past July, only to continue to collect more dust. I have also rearranged its position four times since July.

This afternoon, I found an extension cord to actually plug it in. And it worked.

I just got on and peddled 13.1 miles. Insane!

Stay’n Alive

My new ringtone STAY’N ALIVE, thought it was most appropriate for Day 66. 🎶🤣

My short-term disability ended today. Back to full-time on 12/31 with mandatory OT for the next 3 weeks.

I still have a lot of edema in my legs….so besides Lasix, I am also on Metolazone.🎪🤹‍♀️ Let the party begin. 🎉🥃🤣🤩

This weekend I plan on keeping my legs up, wearing my compression socks, drinking a ton of water and getting in several much-needed naps to gear up for my first 8+ hours of work since October 17th.

Here’s the Latest Happenings

With the end near of 2018, so many thoughts and memories come to mind. Despite not feeling well from Spring to October 18th, I really did have an awesome year. I started volunteering at an awesome bookstore. I even attempted to tutor but it didn’t work out. I met new friends and I joined a Murderino podcast/meet up group in February.

I also happened to drop 74 pounds in 2018. And got healthier and happier than I had been in years. I really did love my life in 2018.

In regards to my life-saving surgery on Oct. 23rd: Everything outwardly has closed up nicely. It appears that the healing has ended its course minus the edema is still in my legs (10 lbs left to shed). Between now through Feb. 12th, I am to allow my body on the inside to now heal and to not try to lose any weight until after 2/12/19. Mentally and emotionally, I have not processed ANY of this. My short-term memory is still splotchy and I was told, I may not ever recover anything from 2-months ago.

The photo on the right is from Friday, December 21st. As you can see, I still have fluid in my legs, making them a lot thicker than normal but overall, I was feeling good that day when the photo was taken.

I am still trying to figure out this new stomach of mine too. Unlike what I was trained to have — the lap band from 2012 to Oct. 23rd of this year … I knew what I could and could NOT eat. I thought I had a routine and I thought it was somewhat working for the best for me, especially since December 2017.

With only having 15% of my stomach now… I can surprisingly eat foods I couldn’t eat for the past 6 years. My new stomach also tells me extremely quickly when I need to stop eating and that I am full. I can eat up to 6 small meals per day. I always always always eat breakfast now. I never knew how important eating right away in the morning was until I had my surgery two months ago. I tend to eat my lunches not quite at my former times around 11:30AM… I tend to eat it later after the norm.

Also prior to this new stomach, eating oranges or any type of citrus fruits really upset my stomach. New stomach, I eat a lot of oranges. In fact, HyVee, here in Sioux Falls, currently has 4-pounds of oranges for a cheap price of $1.77 per bag this week. I bought three bags. And lately, I’ve been cutting up 4 oranges at a time and eat them as a healthy snack.

The photo to the left, is my healed up incision that is located below my breasts but above my belly button.

Today, December 27th, I have been alive 65 days.

My New Anthem Songs

Happy to be alive Day 58 😘 Found two songs that definitely define the new me: 🎶🎹 THIS IS ME by Kesha & FIGHT SONG by Rachel Platten. 🎸🎼❤

I am wearing a size LARGE dress from Old Navy for $2.88 on clearance with a LARGE cardigan I bought at the Bargain Shoppe in Tyndall (SD) for $3.00. The fleece-lined footless tights, also bought on clearance, 2 years ago (never worn or brave enough till today!!!!) for $9.00 from Lane Bryant.

Enjoy your Thursday my friends.