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I am getting a juicer!

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208548_476504522404759_187165622_nMy good friends in Sacramento, California are down sizing and have graciously agreed to send me their Kitchen Aide Juicer … the husband has only used it about six times and then found a better juicer he wanted. And it’s sat all alone ever since. Now it will be mine. All mine!!!

I am so thrilled to be starting this new real food adventure. And let me tell you why….

Today it’s been rainy and gloomy all day. I sat at my computer and played game after game of scrabble on facebook and started to get a sugar craving of chocolate. Like M&M’s or something like that. I sat as long as I could with these ungodly cravings and folded.

I should have WALKED the two blocks to the store but I was lazy and drove. I know it was raining but I do have umbrellas and coats with hoods. Nope, lazy me, drove and did not buy what my brain was craving… instead of that, I bought two containers of “Chip Ahoy” brand cookies… they were on sale for $1.99 each … and let me just say, I never by store-bought cookies. Ever.

Then I was in the candy section and again SALE SALE SALE signs drew me to a bunch of mini Butterfinger candy bars for 99 cents for 6 mini’s. Not satisfied with one (6)…I bought them all off the shelf. 18 total mini Butterfingers.

I return to my lazy station of playing scrabble at my computer and open up one of the Chip Ahoy’s and the Butterfingers. The Chip Ahoy cookie was bland and did not look anything like the package and the Butterfingers were stale. They’ve been “on sale” for over a week sitting on that shelf.

I wasn’t happy with my poor ass choices. I was mad. I wasted $8.00 on crap ass processed food. But that isn’t exactly “food” either. It is just crap. And I continued to feel sluggish and gross. Physically, emotionally, mentally. So I took a two-hour nap. And then I still felt like crap.

I have all of Sunday to rid myself of processed food in my apartment and thought process.

I cannot even begin to express how charged I am about stopping my need to feed the thoughts of my old self. My old self before my lap band surgery.

I also have gone back to drinking filtered water. My local grocery store sells it by the gallon for 69 cents. I filled up 5 jugs the other day. One of my coworkers told me she breaks out from our local water. That scared me. A lot. I can afford 69 cents per gallon of filtered water.

Knowing how I feel from all the crap ass processed foods that I purposely put in to my body by my own hands has scared me too. A lot.

It should scare you too.


Author: kirtepa

My 8-year quest of being BANDED finally happened on June 27, 2012!!! While it will be nice to shed some pounds, my number one goal is to get HEALTHY ... And to get off ALL my diabetic meds and not have to rely on my CPAP at night and for naps. A few years back I made a decision to only surround myself with positive people and I have never looked back. At times I may be snarky perhaps a little wonky and I will apologize right now if I offend anyone as I blog about my life as I know it. Peace & love to all of my wonderful supporters.

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