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Hip Hop Abs: Day 1 Completed

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30 minutes of Hip Hop Abs, day one is complete.

I started at 9PM central time zone.

I had my living room floor cleared. It took a bit for me to figure out my DVD player and matching that up to the boob tube but it worked out in the end. And I like Shaun T. and his dancers.

He’s very easy to follow and he gives great directions.

I’m not really all that coordinated either but after a few minutes I got the hang of the moves. Just like Zumba. I did my own thing.

Hip Hop Abs …. seems simple enough if I had the body of J.Lo …. but I don’t. So… I may have to have a skinnier friend come over to show me how to exactly, tilt my shoulders, tuck in my hips and do something else Shaun T. said I was supposed to do.

But what I loved about the DVD was… in the way bottom right hand corner was the countdown clock of 30 minutes. Also each “dance section” would pop up on the screen, announcing the name of it and how long each ditty was like 4 minutes 52 seconds. And then it would count down …

And unlike Zumba I wasn’t dying for water or needing a two second break between movements or whatever the hell they were called.

I do feel like I worked muscles that I didn’t know existed in my neck and upper arms and my lower back is aching some. But my only form of exercising since my surgery last June has been walking.

We shall see how tomorrow night fairs eh?


Author: kirtepa

My 8-year quest of being BANDED finally happened on June 27, 2012!!! While it will be nice to shed some pounds, my number one goal is to get HEALTHY ... And to get off ALL my diabetic meds and not have to rely on my CPAP at night and for naps. A few years back I made a decision to only surround myself with positive people and I have never looked back. At times I may be snarky perhaps a little wonky and I will apologize right now if I offend anyone as I blog about my life as I know it. Peace & love to all of my wonderful supporters.

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