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Happy Bandiversary to Me


1044344_616903271661022_1968944953_n A few people to thank for allowing me to have this amazing one-year bandiversary today:

** My wonderful, caring, inspirational mother

** My super-hero provider, Lori Ranek, PA-C, Bon Homme Family Practice Clinic, Tyndall, SD

** Dr. Michael D. Haley, MD, FACs, Avera Medical Group Bariatrics Mitchell

** Two awesome RNs: Deb and Mindy … who work with Dr. Haley in Mitchell, SD

** My surgery team at Avera Queen of Peace Hospital in Mitchell, SD (including all the folks in the business office, administration/front desk people and the cleaning staff)

** My recovery nurse, Amy at Avera Queen of Peace Hospital, and Shelley, my CNA for the day

** All the lap-banders / gastric bypass folks I met online prior to my surgery and afterwards

** Everyone my mother told in Bon Homme County and beyond who kept me in their thoughts and prayers that my surgery was a success

** Two of my three siblings and their spouses as well as a slew of other kinfolk and close friends

**…and countless of other wonderful people I have met since my journey began, 9 years ago….


Healthy. I exercise, on purpose. I eat like a skinny person. I no longer snack when I am bored. Or eat an entire bag of chips or a half-gallon of ice cream. I no longer nap unless I am sick or really really really exhausted (which is rarely ever). I google “lap band” recipes or find them on Pinterest and actually make them. I blog about my process. I keep myself accountable for all of my actions. I admit when I’ve done something wrong. I am no longer angry. I like myself. A lot. I have a great self-esteem now. I look forward to stepping on scales and liking what I see in the mirror. I have a neck. And I am losing my double chin. My acne/skin is a lot clearer. My bowels are regular now. I cannot eat french fries or anything really deep fat fried anymore. And I do not miss it. Really.

I have to move up my seat in my Ford Focus now and the same thing in my mom’s car. I am currently wearing 14/16 sized clothes. I have given 95% of my too big clothes to the Bargain Shoppe in Tyndall, SD or to people who really need the use of my former clothes for free. I’ve dropped a size in shoes. I finally got and still maintain my fun pixie hair cut. My eye glasses finally fit my face. I can walk 3 to 4 miles in one setting and still feel like I could walk yet another mile and not be out of breath. I tried Hip Hop Abs and love it. I tried kickboxing and love that too. I plan to learn how to run properly over the 4th of July of this year!!! I am no longer depressed. My high anxiety has moved down to just normal anxiety and my paranoia is low-key now. My feet no longer swell. My calves are no longer bright red. And all the edema has vanished.

I am rarely, if ever, tired. I feel like there is a true reason to live my life to the fullest now. I am still as poor as a church mouse, but I really do love my life as I know it, 365 days later. I’m truly fine with eating a banana for lunch with a little side salad. I really am fine with that. I’m also good with just eating that awful greek yogurt too and feeling full. If I buy a bag of chips, it will now stay in my cupboard a good week without feeling the need to devour it immediately. I eat a lot of protein first and foremost like I was told. I have a space between my legs now too. I can feel muscles forming in my arms. And my other muscles are finally coming out of hiding. I really love to walk. I now greet people face to face and make eye contact.

I poo-poo my hermit lifestyle. I don’t even miss it. I am going to things that I get invited to. Solo, even. And I’m okay with that. I stay away from negative people and things and events. I promote positivity. I’m learning from my mistakes and always promise to make better mistakes tomorrow. I smile more. I laugh more. I have finally realized that losing weight is 80% mental and 20% exercise/eating healthy. I accepted the real food challenge on March 10, 2013 and I’m still doing it. I quit eating frozen processed foods with the exception of popsicles. Because who doesn’t eat popsicles???

Every once in awhile, I will slip up and drink pop or other carbonated drinks but then I get back on track and go back to green tea and a lot of water with MIO or Crystal Light. I am a ginormous fan of making healthy smoothies. And purposely look for other healthy recipes and actually try them. I eat about 10 ounces or less of food per meal. If I eat more, I feel sick to my stomach and it usually ends up with a nasty sliming situation. Think of a baby spewing up chunks of food like a geyser. That’s me when I slime.

For a three-month time frame, I had a part-time gig in town where I had to stand up to 5 hours in one setting. I was fine. Tired. But my feet were fine, I was fine. My body was fine. I survived. Without sweating like I worked in a sauna. Then out of nowhere, my art world took off like a horse in the Kentucky Derby. I’ve been happily busy ever since. I no longer sweat unless I’ve been exercising or standing in direct line to the sun.

I have HOPE. I look forward to tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

Earlier this month, I was standing at the cash register at two plus-sized stores, Lane Bryant and Catherine’s in Sioux Falls with the smallest sizes both stores had to offer (14/16 or Ox). Both sales ladies said something about upgrading my store credit card and getting all these extra perks. My response was golden.

I simply said, “Next year at this time, I will be shopping in normal size stores.”

And I do not doubt that one bit.

For all my readers, friends, family who have stuck by me for the past year … I thank you 1,000 times over for your support, encouragement, prayers, positive thoughts … and a few times, a kick in the rear …. I feel so blessed to have you all in my life.

Author: kirtepa

My 8-year quest of being BANDED finally happened on June 27, 2012!!! While it will be nice to shed some pounds, my number one goal is to get HEALTHY ... And to get off ALL my diabetic meds and not have to rely on my CPAP at night and for naps. A few years back I made a decision to only surround myself with positive people and I have never looked back. At times I may be snarky perhaps a little wonky and I will apologize right now if I offend anyone as I blog about my life as I know it. Peace & love to all of my wonderful supporters.

2 thoughts on “Happy Bandiversary to Me

  1. Hi, I’ve been a lurker around your blog for a few months. I love this article and your entire site! Looking forward to reading more!


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