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Six Days Going Strong

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Lap Band FillI have now gone six days since I allowed Dr. Haley to put in 10 cc’s of saline solution into my port and fill up my lap band. It had been at 8.5 cc’s since September 27, 2012 to August 20th, 2013.

I have been following the rules very strictly too. I stayed on liquids until Saturday and moved into soft foods since yesterday. Last night was touch and go … my stomach kept growling pretty fiercely for crap food but I don’t have any in my house and even though my mind was playing tricks on me I knew I would not buckle this time around.

Today was a lot better with my choices. I woke up pretty late — it is my day off and all. I made myself a 20 gram protein shake with 2% milk, a small container of vanilla yogurt, a teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter and I had a dark chocolate (loose powder mix) of some sort of energy something that I got as a sample a long time ago. I blended all of that together and wowzers…. it kept me full for a long time. A little while later, I opted for a heated flour tortilla with black beans, refried beans and a little bit of shredded cheese heated in the microwave.

I did venture out in this horrific prairie heat for a quickie trip up town to get essentials and came home, peeled more donated cucumbers that a good friend gave me … and sliced them up thinly and put them all into an ice cream bucket. I put in the Hidden Valley Ranch powder mix, with 2% milk … and because my small town grocer hiked up the Greek yogurt to over $5 buckaroos, I opted instead to the much much less healthier option of 16 ounces of sour cream ($1.59). I filled the ice cream bucket to the rim with all yumminess. Tomorrow I shall see how well it all soaked up. Oh… and I also blended in onions and fresh cilantro. The smell was simply heavenly.

A few hours ago, I made another black bean, refried beans and shredded cheese flour tortilla heated in the microwave for my dinner. I waited about 2 hours to drink anything afterwards … and then I drank some of my iced slimming tea with a big ole lemon slice in it. I will add this nugget about the tea… it is an acquired taste … it has a bit of a kick to it really. But I am very used to drinking it now for several weeks too. And I know it is very healthy for me.

I am going to go another week of eating soft foods before eating anything else right now. Or attempting to eat anything else. And to be honest, all I want to eat is soft foods anyways. I’m a little scared to re-introduce regular food back into my lap band world ….unlike how I mistreated my lap band a year ago at this time.

And I’ve been making excellent choices in getting in my daily requirement of my protein too. I know I had some readers that were overly concerned for me that I wasn’t getting enough … but I was and still am following the rules!

But what I did want to report on is this … I feel like my body is shrinking on a daily basis. Even before my fill last Tuesday. The 27 pounds I shed from August 5th to August 20th was really due to the detox I put myself on but since then … there are certain areas on my body that I can feel tightening up. The heat here has been incredibly torture to go for any kind of walk … so I’ve been doing other things in my home to get my body moving. After Labor Day, I will move my treadmill back into my larger living room space and get my groove on that way.

Dr. Haley wanted me to call his office a week after the fact. Which would be tomorrow. But considering nothing exciting has happened other than me listening to him and the real rules and actually following them … I may wait till after Labor Day to call back with a report.

In five days, I will be heading up to Huron, South Dakota to the State Fair … to showcase my whimsical art as one of their Artists-in-Residences. But between now and then, I still need to stay FOCUSED and on the right path for making good food choices.

Goodnight All.


Author: kirtepa

My 8-year quest of being BANDED finally happened on June 27, 2012!!! While it will be nice to shed some pounds, my number one goal is to get HEALTHY ... And to get off ALL my diabetic meds and not have to rely on my CPAP at night and for naps. A few years back I made a decision to only surround myself with positive people and I have never looked back. At times I may be snarky perhaps a little wonky and I will apologize right now if I offend anyone as I blog about my life as I know it. Peace & love to all of my wonderful supporters.

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