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Added a New Low Today

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  • Definition of humble (adj)

    Bing Dictionary

     [ húmb’l ]
    1. modest: modest and unassuming in attitude and behavior
    2. respectful: feeling or showing respect and deference toward other people
    3. lowly: relatively low in rank and without pretensions
    Synonyms: humiliate, chasten, shame, bring down a peg, force to eat humble pie, bring down, put someone in their place
    thThis was me at 9:45AM this morning. And this was me at 10:15AM when I left the vicinity where I had to go.  Pretty much for the remainder of the day I was more than humbled. Then I just felt humiliated.
    I have had to deal with a lot of “stuff” in the past 26 days. Stuff I would announce freely if … If I did not have a  hater or two in the audience. And today I do not feel like being bullied from them.
    I have had a really long day.
    By the way, this has zero to do with my lap band. In fact, the lap band is the only saving grace I have right now. The only thing that IS keeping me together.
    And with God’s help, I still have a small glimmer of hope.

Author: kirtepa

My 8-year quest of being BANDED finally happened on June 27, 2012!!! While it will be nice to shed some pounds, my number one goal is to get HEALTHY ... And to get off ALL my diabetic meds and not have to rely on my CPAP at night and for naps. A few years back I made a decision to only surround myself with positive people and I have never looked back. At times I may be snarky perhaps a little wonky and I will apologize right now if I offend anyone as I blog about my life as I know it. Peace & love to all of my wonderful supporters.

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