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Collagen Peptides Oh My!

With my recent additional weight loss, parts of my face, arms and other areas on my lovely body have gotten stretched slightly. And by stretched I mean, sagging. Most importantly, I finally am showing what I used to have, a neck. Yes, a neck. Parts of my once double chin, has turned into — well — an unsightly gaggle, very much like a turkey’s neck. I’m not too pleased with this saggy gaggle I now sport but I do not wish to every have no neck and only a double chin to have people gawk at.

I reached out to several of my healthier friends who are thin and mega healthy. I inquired if there were any type of exercises to get rid of said saggy gaggle I now sport but no, nothing they can think of. So I did my own Google research and found that by consuming Collagen Peptides, a protein, can perhaps help with the elasticity of my skin below my chin.

There are a lot of very expensive “brands” out there for this type of protein powder and if you know anything about me, you know I like to buy cheap. So I found this brand (see photo to the right) on Amazon. I believe it was $19.00.  I have been using it daily for a little over two weeks now. It literally has no taste. I mix mine with orange juice, my smoothies or mix it up with yogurt. I’ve even put it in soups that I make. One scoop a day.

Want to educate your melon about this amazing product? Go to this link:

As the site brags, one scoop a day promotes:

  • Lose weight
  • Heal your gut
  • Build stronger bones and joints
  • Get youthful, glowing skin, hair, and nails

While there is no promise that I will lose my saggy gaggle underneath my chin, I have had issues prior to gut issues so I already can tell a difference in the past two weeks. I also can tell how it’s making my hair grow longer (remember I’m growing out my pixie for the 5th time in 5 years and never have gotten past the 5 month mark before I chop it all off back to a pixie). Using this product also helps stabilizes my blood sugar.

Overall, it’s a win win for me.


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C C C h a n g e s . . .

In Photo No. 1, I am wearing a 5X shirt and a size 28 pants. I had just gotten a pixie and this was 5 months after my lap band surgery.

In Photo No. 2, I am wear an extra large shirt underneath a cardigan sweater and jeans, that up until two years ago, I never wore. Ever.  I am finally growing out my pixie and am 98% healthy.

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Yuletide Greetings

Tis the season to be …. Merry? Jolly? Full?

Yes, I’ll pick FULL. I am so proud of myself for following the lap band rules to a T, especially when I am full. I mean, I literally put down the utensils and stop eating. I’m full. And I am 20 days since my final saline fill and it’s all going well.

I really have cut down on what I am bringing to work for my lunches. And weirdly and wonderfully, I am quite content with just eating celery sticks with a hunk of creamy peanut butter to get my protein fill. I drink a lot of water or decaffeinated iced tea. And yes yes yes I am waiting a full hour to drink any liquids after eating my celery sticks/peanut butter. It’s somewhat annoying as I am always thirsty but I do follow the drinking rule.

Not that it’ll never happen but sometimes I feel like Gwen or Dr. Strand will magically appear to spy on me to see if I NOT drinking any liquids 20 minutes before eating anything or 60 minutes after the fact. And I’m being real here, there’s no way in hell Gwen or Strand will ghetto themselves to motor all the way up near the airport to pay me a visit.

And so, it’s time to relax, unwind, stop thinking about what I need to get done at my gig and just enjoy this Yuletide season. My normal drive from where I live to where I am spending the holiday at normally takes me an hour and a half. Today due to a near white out (aka snow storm), it took me 3 hours. And my knuckles were at 10 and 2 and they were white by the time I meandered into my mom’s driveway. After drinking two Mike’s Hard Lemonade black cherry drinks…my nerves were restored and I was finally able to relax.

I return to my actual home on December 26th. So between now and then, I plan to just lounge about, watch a lot of Investigation Discovery and play online Scrabble — all the while following the lap band rules and stop eating once I am full.

Happy Holidays.


I Do Not Miss You

You’ll-Never-Eat-McDonald’s-Again-After-You-Read-These-Horrifying-FactsIt has been a little over three years since I went through a fast food drive-thru to order a squashed greasy burger and fries. And I’m so proud of my strong-will and accomplishments of not doing that.

Hopefully by early October I will have relocated myself to follow a new career that I recently accepted. And I am thrilled to smithereens to know that the only fast food joint in this new village is sandwich shop. Nothing in terms of a Wendy’s, Burger King or even a McDonald’s in sight. AMEN!!!!

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An Amazing Day Today

blackbeansI had probably the best ever breakfast I could nourish my body in months and months and months this morning. Black beans with homemade salsa and a small piece of the bacon/egg/spinach/mushroom/onion Quiche from last weekend. It went down my pie hole with no issues and slid right past my lap band with ease. It was heavenly. Then I did something my old self would never have done. I went on a walk solo.

My mom lives on the edge of a State Park and there’s a gorgeous walking trail that loops around it and you come face to face with the Mighty Mo (Missouri River). Breathtaking views.

I returned and sat around til my mom came back and we hit up the loop a second time. I had zero aches and zero anything holding me back. I wasn’t out of breath and I felt amazing.

Also had another Non Scale Victory (NSV) … it was rather hot on the 2nd loop, so I took off my jacket and tied it around my shrinking waist. I don’t think since God knows when, I could do that with any type of jacket or sweatshirt. So two NSV’s this week. Awesome sauce!

We had lunch — lettuce salad with onion and celery chunks ….and I had celery with peanut butter too. I did some reading then …I finished out my exercising by doing a third turn around the loop and capturing a total of 2 miles for the day!

My body totally thanks me.

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Weight Loss Progress

fattyamyThis photo was taken at Czech Days in Tabor, SD in June of 2011. I had already lost 50 pounds on my weight loss journey. This was also before my lap band surgery on June 27, 2012.

The red shirt I am wearing in this photo was a 5X … and the shorts, yikes!!!! Also a 5X. For pants, I’m now down to a size 14/16 or an extra large.

To date, I have lost a total of 142 pounds since when I was at my heaviest in June 2009.

And no, I wasn’t ALWAYS overweight. I was a normal thin child … and I yo-yo’d back and forth from my college years and all throughout my 20s and 30s.

It wasn’t until talking to my then provider, Dr. Bonnie Nowak in 2009 that she gave me the harsh reality of my life as I knew it then. She literally said to me: “You have two choices Amy: Either plan your funeral now or get healthy.”

Obviously, I opted for No. 2.

And the rest is all on this blog.

aprilamyI am happy to say I am going at this weight loss ditty very slowly. Unlike gastric bypass, where you literally drop the weight mega rapidly, lap banders go at their own slow turtle like pace. And that’s how I like it.

To the left is my most current photo of me. This was taken on Monday, April 6 at my apartment complex.

In two months marks my 3rd year bandiversary and I couldn’t be more thrilled with all that I’ve learned on this adventure.

Thanks for your support … I couldn’t have done it without my band of friends. I have 60 lbs left to lose before I start my maintenance of never allowing myself to gain weight from eating all the wrong foods out there in processed food land.

Continue to make good choices!


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Non Scale Victory

Hurrah! A non scale victory just happened. I just took a bath and as I was drying off I noticed several of my shellac toe polish slid off … or came loose… I bent down and got the rest of them loose and flicked them off too. It’s been since end of January since my last pedicure at Rose Nails so it’s time for another. But as I was staring down at the ole toots…I was like, wait a minute, did I just bend the ole body and flick these off with my own fingernails!?!??! Wahhhhh????? OH. MY. GAWD!

Don’t ask me why but I have a bench in my toilet room. So I sat on it. Brought up my foot and was able to cut my toe nails but then polish them. To all the thinner people in society, this is not a big deal but in my former world… it was a big pain in the ass and that’s why I’ve relied on other people to cut my toe nails and polish them… it was the one guilty pleasure I did every 2-3 months.

I was silently screaming inside as I brought up my other foot, repeated the whole process….


While the messy toes to the left are someone else’s lovely masterpiece…. mine are just as messy but teal. I think I have more polish on my skin around the toots than the nails but I am just over joyed that I got to cut and paint my toe nails….

I mean, to say, it has been since before 2009, that I cut my own toe nails…. it’s that pathetic. And being diabetic… I have to be super careful not to cut them too short.

So happy happy happy. I did a shitty job painting my toes for the first time since 2008 — seven years ago my peeps…. but I’m happy as can be, because of this non scale victory. Yippeeeeeeeee…..