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I Do Not Miss You

You’ll-Never-Eat-McDonald’s-Again-After-You-Read-These-Horrifying-FactsIt has been a little over three years since I went through a fast food drive-thru to order a squashed greasy burger and fries. And I’m so proud of my strong-will and accomplishments of not doing that.

Hopefully by early October I will have relocated myself to follow a new career that I recently accepted. And I am thrilled to smithereens to know that the only fast food joint in this new village is sandwich shop. Nothing in terms of a Wendy’s, Burger King or even a McDonald’s in sight. AMEN!!!!


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An Amazing Day Today

blackbeansI had probably the best ever breakfast I could nourish my body in months and months and months this morning. Black beans with homemade salsa and a small piece of the bacon/egg/spinach/mushroom/onion Quiche from last weekend. It went down my pie hole with no issues and slid right past my lap band with ease. It was heavenly. Then I did something my old self would never have done. I went on a walk solo.

My mom lives on the edge of a State Park and there’s a gorgeous walking trail that loops around it and you come face to face with the Mighty Mo (Missouri River). Breathtaking views.

I returned and sat around til my mom came back and we hit up the loop a second time. I had zero aches and zero anything holding me back. I wasn’t out of breath and I felt amazing.

Also had another Non Scale Victory (NSV) … it was rather hot on the 2nd loop, so I took off my jacket and tied it around my shrinking waist. I don’t think since God knows when, I could do that with any type of jacket or sweatshirt. So two NSV’s this week. Awesome sauce!

We had lunch — lettuce salad with onion and celery chunks ….and I had celery with peanut butter too. I did some reading then …I finished out my exercising by doing a third turn around the loop and capturing a total of 2 miles for the day!

My body totally thanks me.

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Weight Loss Progress

fattyamyThis photo was taken at Czech Days in Tabor, SD in June of 2011. I had already lost 50 pounds on my weight loss journey. This was also before my lap band surgery on June 27, 2012.

The red shirt I am wearing in this photo was a 5X … and the shorts, yikes!!!! Also a 5X. For pants, I’m now down to a size 14/16 or an extra large.

To date, I have lost a total of 142 pounds since when I was at my heaviest in June 2009.

And no, I wasn’t ALWAYS overweight. I was a normal thin child … and I yo-yo’d back and forth from my college years and all throughout my 20s and 30s.

It wasn’t until talking to my then provider, Dr. Bonnie Nowak in 2009 that she gave me the harsh reality of my life as I knew it then. She literally said to me: “You have two choices Amy: Either plan your funeral now or get healthy.”

Obviously, I opted for No. 2.

And the rest is all on this blog.

aprilamyI am happy to say I am going at this weight loss ditty very slowly. Unlike gastric bypass, where you literally drop the weight mega rapidly, lap banders go at their own slow turtle like pace. And that’s how I like it.

To the left is my most current photo of me. This was taken on Monday, April 6 at my apartment complex.

In two months marks my 3rd year bandiversary and I couldn’t be more thrilled with all that I’ve learned on this adventure.

Thanks for your support … I couldn’t have done it without my band of friends. I have 60 lbs left to lose before I start my maintenance of never allowing myself to gain weight from eating all the wrong foods out there in processed food land.

Continue to make good choices!


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Non Scale Victory

Hurrah! A non scale victory just happened. I just took a bath and as I was drying off I noticed several of my shellac toe polish slid off … or came loose… I bent down and got the rest of them loose and flicked them off too. It’s been since end of January since my last pedicure at Rose Nails so it’s time for another. But as I was staring down at the ole toots…I was like, wait a minute, did I just bend the ole body and flick these off with my own fingernails!?!??! Wahhhhh????? OH. MY. GAWD!

Don’t ask me why but I have a bench in my toilet room. So I sat on it. Brought up my foot and was able to cut my toe nails but then polish them. To all the thinner people in society, this is not a big deal but in my former world… it was a big pain in the ass and that’s why I’ve relied on other people to cut my toe nails and polish them… it was the one guilty pleasure I did every 2-3 months.

I was silently screaming inside as I brought up my other foot, repeated the whole process….


While the messy toes to the left are someone else’s lovely masterpiece…. mine are just as messy but teal. I think I have more polish on my skin around the toots than the nails but I am just over joyed that I got to cut and paint my toe nails….

I mean, to say, it has been since before 2009, that I cut my own toe nails…. it’s that pathetic. And being diabetic… I have to be super careful not to cut them too short.

So happy happy happy. I did a shitty job painting my toes for the first time since 2008 — seven years ago my peeps…. but I’m happy as can be, because of this non scale victory. Yippeeeeeeeee…..

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Here Chick Chick Chick

I was slammed with a ton of comments on the Wheat Belly facebook site when I asked a simple innocent question of, chickpeas3“Can I still eat popcorn?”

“NO!!!!! You’re an evil spawn of Satan if you do!!!” Cried several anti-popcorn folks. And then I kept getting mini lectures on how horrible CORN is for people like me who have Type 2 Diabetes. How it raises my blood sugars and what not.

But seriously people… I’m NOT shoveling popcorn day in and day out in my pie hole on a regular basis. I was simply asking how horrible it is for you to eat.

Microwave popcorn apparently is right under eating all things junk and oh so bad for you…. which I totally ‘get’ with the shit-storm of chemicals in it. I mean, come on, read the ingredients and you can figure it out for yourself how unhealthy that is for your body.

I was simply speaking of actual popcorn you make yourself in say a Stir-Crazy Popcorn popper like the kind my mom and I own… and I only use cocoanut oil to pop it in and I always drizzle real butter on it, none of that fake goop. Then I calmly eat it.

So when the Super Bowl was on, someone posted on facebook that they had roasted chickpeas in the oven, threw on some seasoning and they were delicious crunchy snacks.

While grocery shopping this morning, I was only thinking of chickpeas. What I found instead was, chili flavored coated dried green peas. $2.99 for 12 ounces. It was tempting to purchase but I decided against it, for now. I did not see anything that said roasted chickpeas however until I found it online at home.

This upcoming weekend, I am going to purchase a couple of cans of chickpeas. You are to drain them, and shake them in a Ziploc with olive oil and whatever spices you desire. I am going to opt for a packet of ranch.  Lay out on a cookie sheet, heat the oven to 400 degrees… and bake for 40 to 45 minutes. Let cool and crunch away my darlings.

Let the good times roll.

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New Journey Awaits

11062677_1867605926712002_5186625093054866475_nThere will be a lot of great changes for me going forward through this week and beyond. I am on Day 5 for following the Wheat Belly movement and I feel great.

However, I did learn that popcorn (corn) is a grain I am to stay far far away from. Not too happy about that as I am a huge fan of corn. But I had a morning debate with other Wheat Belly fans on the facebook group … about popcorn. Some said it was okay with moderation, some said, absolutely NOT!!!

I’ve already given up so many tasty crap foods all thanks to my Lap Band journey … my taste buds no longer crave that. And it’s been so nice to see all the yummy chips in the ginormous chip aisle and simply walk by them all because I know they are loaded with bad chemicals and a shit-storm of other nastiness that my shrinking body no longer wants.

In a few hours, I’m also making the decision to go back to the PIXIE world. I’ve been in the lovely peri menopause world for several years now and having any hair on my neck is utterly a sweat-fest that I no longer want to be a part of. It’s nice to know I can grow out my pixie if I want to, as I just did after a 10-month time frame but nothing is more embarrassing to stand in a public arena surrounded by a ton of strangers when my peri menopause kicks in and I look like a drowned rat (aka when my hair becomes sopping wet) and I’m flushed in the ole face. When I had the pixie cut, thankfully I did not experience that wet hair effect. So, I’m getting a color and a short short cut again.

And when I return to Yankton later today, I will map out my walking/jogging schedule. I hear the weather is supposed to turn crappy this week… so I live upstairs in a two level apartment complex and I have a great set of cement steps to climb daily. My plan this week is to just walk up and down the steps. Climbing is a good exercise for my legs and knees. When the crap weather improves, my next journey is to walk to the two cemeteries across the street from me… they have excellent walking/roads…nice and smooth and clear/clean. And no one but me will be around to watch me jog/walk.

New month. New attitude. New hope.

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Post 400: Strawberry Goodness

imagesJ61IF995I had to waste some time this morning and I ended up in the Health Market at HyVee. I had just ran out of my vanilla whey protein powder the day before and wanted to change-up the flavor to the no flavor kind. The flavors HyVee offered was Cinnamon, Strawberry, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Up until my surgery, I was only using Vanilla. I had a sample taste of the no flavor protein powder but again that wasn’t available today. I figured since I had a freezer full of fruit — mostly berries and whole strawberries — I would try the large container of the Strawberry Protein Whey Powder.

It was a little more spendy than at WalMart but since I was already at HyVee, I decided to just try this brand, this flavor and see how this all goes. I am on my second glass of this strawberry goodness in a smoothie. I also added two tablespoons of Chia Seeds. Chia Seeds have zero flavor but they do add so much to your diet. I’ve been putting Chia Seeds in my foods since 2011. And only until most recently have I been adding ground flaxseed to some of my smoothies.

Today is my 400th post to my blog. I started my blog in June 2012. I’ve tried to religiously post on here… at least in the very beginning I blogged almost daily. I need to still hold myself accountable to my actions of eating and drinking, so I am going to be making a huge effort to keep this blog on track.

And speaking of drinking… one of the biggest rules that I have strictly followed by my surgeon is: DO NOT DRINK LIQUID CALORIES!!!! I thought he was somewhat joking when he first told me this. But what you put in your pie hole, whether it is food or liquids … it ALL matters and it ALL counts as calories.

From August 11, 2014 to present day, I have literally had 1 glass of soda pop: Sprite Zero. And that was only because I had an upset stomach and I drank it warm. Otherwise, I’ve consumed gallons and gallons of tap water and bottled water or Culligan water… green tea (both hot/cold) and a variety of other herbal teas, both hot and cold. And in the past week, I’ve consumed six Smirnoff Ice Watermelon Mimosa’s gleefully. I’ve had a few cups of coffee at work which was free and a few cappuccino’s … otherwise, I just bring along my peppermint tea bags from home and get hot tap water from our coffee machines and go that route. But water is what I love the most.

This morning at HyVee, I ran into an old acquaintance from 2001 … I said hi first. She had to look at me twice then she said, had I not said hi first, she never would have recognized me. I will never tire of hearing comments like this. In another section of the market… I ran into an old boss, also from 2000-2001. He said, “looking good, Amy.” …. I lit up like a Christmas tree with extra sparkly lights.

All my hard work is finally paying off. And I cannot even begin to tell you how good this makes me feel. Day 5 of the new year… new beginnings and I just ate supper which consisted of 40 ounces of strawberry protein whey powder, and two handfuls of frozen strawberries and water with two tablespoons of HyVee brand of Chia Seeds. I used my Magic Bullet blender and took my time drinking both glasses. For breakfast today, I had a superfood protein bar and for lunch, I had a small white meat chicken Caesar salad from WalMart ($2.98), a small handful of stick pretzels and more Yankton tap water.

Thanks for taking the time to read my mindless banter and again for your ongoing support on my weight loss journey. Remember to never ever ever ever ever give up.