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Before Wheat Belly…

Found this puffed up version of myself and my Northern State College friend Susan from Sioux Falls’s Side Walk Festival in September 2016.

It’s always amusing to me that when I find an “old” photo during my weight loss journey, that I clearly recall dressing for this day.

This was the first time since 1986 that I had seen my college friend face to face. It was a somewhat chilly September morning and she was picking me up from Canton where she was visiting her parents.

As you can see, I had my extremely short pixie hair cut (which I will NEVER go back to) and the shirt I was wearing was a men’s Oxford button up that I had bought a thrift store…. and we just stopped at a vendor booth that was giving out free wine slushie samples.

It was a fantastic day spent with a good friend but when I found this photo this morning, I couldn’t believe how well I thought I looked two years ago. I will always be forever grateful I learned about the Wheat Belly lifestyle and took the direction in my life to go that route and lose the inflammation in my face and body.

Remember everyone, it’s all about making good choices.


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The Novelty Is Over

indexThis week’s lesson learned: Be skeptical when buying a fitness tracker on clearance!!!! Mine worked from 4/15/15 to 4/23/15. Died 5:05PM. Tried to reboot, re-everything to no avail. Thankfully I can still take it back to get a full refund.

Will I replace it with a Fitbit? NO! The lesson???

I realize I need to actually move my body and not sit idle for long periods of time. I also realize I sleep like crap. I’ve had sleep apnea since 2004. And my CPAP is a life saver.

I do not need a bracelet to tell me any of this!!!

Continue to make good food choices and move your body!

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Darling, Detox Me…

detoxOnly a handful of folks know the real story that’s going on and that’s how I like it.  And that is how it will stay. For now. In any case, I have not been eating as healthy as I should be. I am mad about that. I’m also mad about not exercising either for that matter. Or just walking around the parking lot that I live mere feet from. Or around the nice walking area that I live next to. I mean, it is perfect conditions for a smooth, sleek road. No gravel, no grassy knolls, no ginormous hills or rocks around. Just really nice asphalt to walk on. And people would think that with what’s been going on, I should be getting in my equal time of walking, eating right and getting proper sleep.

It all sounds fabulous on paper or in my case, on my blog.

I also am so not proud of eating a variety of processed foods either. But thankfully (knock on wood), I have stayed far away from soda. My teeth also thank me for that nugget too.

This weekend when I have more time to get back on track … I need to detox my sluggish body from all the bad temptations I’ve allowed down my pie hole. My joints are aching, especially my fingers, hands and back area. And I’ve noticed I’m getting really jumpy again and I know that’s because I’m hoarding my medications. Not good. At. All.

I did get some lettuce the other night and a few other better, healthier choices but I could do better, I will do better, I promise.

There is a saying that keeps floating around on social media about how we are responsible for our own actions and/or choices. No one else can take the blame but me. And me alone.

This is why I have continued this weight loss blog/journey going after 2 years and three months since having my surgery.

To keep myself accountable for all of my great, good and now bad decisions in terms of continuing to be a better person overall, to be healthy.

And to be healthy, one must exercise. You know, the just get me out of the house and walk kind of exercise.

I have all the tools I need to be this better person….  and I need to stop listening to my inner critic and negative thoughts.

Tomorrow is a new day. I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope….

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Dear Old Self,


I would like to say, how are doing? But I cannot. Because you no longer exist. In my head. My visions. Or anywhere in my life now. And I do not miss you at all.

However, someone I am not friends with in real life, wanted badly to be friends with me on facebook. And against better judgment, I allowed her to be. The very last time I saw this individual was in 2007-2008. And I wasn’t exactly looking my best back then either. Yet, two days ago, this human decided to send me a FAT JOKE/IMAGE to my facebook inbox.

For reference purposes only, the photo to my left, is of me, in 2010, before my lap band surgery in June 2012. The photo on the bottom right, is me, in September 2013. A huge difference. And I would like to think, looking at the before photo, then the new updated one, that there is a change overall.  

And this individual still felt the need to send me a FAT JOKE/IMAGE to me. I know I have a long ways still to go to get to my maintenance weight goal but by no means, am I in the mood to receive an offensive “joke,” regardless if it was a joke like she said it was or not. I would never dream of sending a recovering alcoholic an image of a boozy item if I knew that that person was well into recovery. I’m hoping you are getting the sense of10414069_1586642024895858_894903097987247670_n my angst here.

I have since told her how offended I was to be to the receiver of this person’s bad taste. And a great tool of facebook is: to be blocked.

Going forward, please, even if you think it’s funny, think about the other person receiving the image or joke. I have one friend, who loves blunt cards, as much as I do. And we tend to send those back and forth to each other but that’s about the extent of anything I pass on. Calling someone FAT because you think it is funny. Really isn’t to anyone involved. And at my request, save your FAT jokes, FAT photos and FAT anything to yourself. And leave me out of it. Even when I was a lot heavier than I am now, I still did not find that amusing.

Keep on truckin’ to your maintenance self, new girl. Be kind to each other. Please. Goodbye old self. And good riddance mean person.

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Ah, I’m Amy, remember???

indexA couple of days ago, I saw a high school classmate’s parents. They were maybe a car length of space in front of me. And they were facing me. I was trying to make eye contact with them but to no avail. I finally just shouted over to them and when I did, they looked as if they saw an alien.

I didn’t know what to do at that very second when I saw their, WHO ARE YOU???, look. I had known my high school friend since 1983.. and even went to his wedding in 1994. And had seen his folks over the years many many times. And at all different sizes and weights that I had been rollercoasting on.

So I said, “I am Amy P_____” … I’m friends with your son remember????

Both looked again startled and surprised… and both replied at the very same time, “We didn’t even recognize you, Amy.”

Then the awkward dead silence. I had just entered the Bizarro World.

I am taking this odd encounter as something positive. I do not recall when it was the last time the three of us had seen one another but apparently it has been a very long time.

And on a side note… I’ve been under an enormous amount of unwanted stress (but when isn’t stress unwanted???) And making me less and less hungry. At any point in my daily routine, I am so not hungry. I also have been having a hard to breathing and functioning basically as just being a human. But when I do eat, I’ve been strictly sticking with fresh fruit and a lot of veggies. I am all souped out for now. And all smoothie’d too. Thankfully I am still getting enough protein daily to my own surprise. My summer plan is to just stick with plant-based foods. And a lot of iced green tea and water.

Now I am taking my sorry exhausted and run down body to bed. I’ve been silently dealing with a stomach bug for the past 4 days and it will not leave my body for all of the Vitamin C in the world I’ve been swallowing.

Make good choices people… you can do it if I can!

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Happy May Day!!!!

5658427215_517831682fHappy MAY DAY everyone! I have such wonderful childhood memories of having my mom drive the green station wagon with our May Day baskets in the back seat…. running up to people’s houses… ringing the door bell and running like a banshee back to the safety of the car without getting kissed (or pinched).

 I haven’t been feeling the best for a long time now with my year-round allergies, so I went to see the doctor a week ago.  Fluid in the ears, allergies running amok … cannot breathe… had to get a new CPAP machine/mask … opted for the new and improved nose pillow mask and love it. And plenty of other unpleasantries have surfaced with the said sinus infection. Plus major exhaustion and lack of sleep hasn’t helped either.

And my eating has been narly and my lap band, not so cooperative. Eh, life goes on. Just try to enjoy your May Day!!!


Proof It Works

proof14Just a small reminder of what I resembled before my lap band surgery almost two years ago this June 27, 2014 … to what I have become and still transforming …. God is great. Keep on truckn’ … Keep on eating healthy foods: fruits, veggies, no bread… no alcohol. Stay away as best as you can from soda pop (it also rots your teeth) …. Get off the couch and MOVE YOUR BODY every single day. And maintain a POSITIVE attitude. Surround yourself with like-minded people. And for a solid support group. Yes, you will need one through the tough times in your weight loss journey… and most importantly ….