Day 83

Several people have been asking how I have been feeling back in Bon Homme County …. so here’s the updates … I have been feeling really good after 83 days. I tend to get a wonky mild pain in the incision area and where my port/drain was and at the first attempt area where the surgeon originally tried to go in.

I have about 5 lbs left of edema in my legs too. I am still overly exhausted and feel like I have been getting enough sleep. However, I wake up every morning at 4:00AM wide awake for some dumb reason. I do try hard to go back to sleep but my alarm goes off at 5:45AM for work. But I have officially given up taking naps.

I am now on my third full week of working full-time. Things seem to be going well sitting at my pod. I still try to have my legs elevated majority of my work day but I do have to move around for part of my gig. And the weather has been weird outside — it’s officially winter — but it is either too wet out or just odd weather to just walk in our parking lot like I do in the warmer months.

I still have memory loss from October 22nd through November 17,ย  2018. Small tidbits have surfaced but that’s about it. I read somewhere the other day, that when your body goes through trauma like I did, your brain protects you and shuts down certain parts.

But here I am, day 83, alive.

And I started exercising three days ago on my recumbent bike. 13.1 miles on Saturday, 20.2 miles on Sunday and 10 miles today.

I bought two 5 lb hand weights too. I’m pretty much a wuss with arm strength so just going to try my best to get more strength in my upper arms — yet I was on varsity golf all through Junior High & High School (go figure).ย  … I can already feel improvement in my legs from the bike. Tonight I attempted Yoga for Beginners but decided right away, it’s not for me. I’ll have to figure out another way to relieve unwanted stress.

Goal wise, I decided I will do everything I can do between today, January 14th and end of June … to meet my goals for the week of July 4th when I’ll be in Springfield with childhood friends and family.

I would like to do the 5K with my family. I’ve never done it and always sit on the sidelines cheering in all the runners and walkers. On a side note: I think we all can recall last year’s 5K when I showed up late and three sheets to the wind from the previous night of drinking a Cranberry Vodka mixture at Norm’s. [insert laughter here].

Baby steps people. It’s all about one day at a time as hokey as that may be.

This guy I work with has been eating cherry tomatoes every day at his morning break. He said he buys 2 lbs of them at Sam’s Club and they last one week. On Sunday, I buzzed over to Sam’s and bought a tub for $5.98. They are the sweetest, most delicious cherry tomatoes ever. I took the time to divide the tomatoes out into separate Ziploc baggies for this week’s lunches and he was right, there’s enough for every day of the week.

My new stomach — all 15% of it, is healing nicely too. And I am faithfully following all the rules I was given. Eating 3/4 cup of food keeps me full at lunch which has lately been carrots with blue cheese dressing to dip it in or celery sticks and some sort of plant or meat protein …. my breakfasts usually include two oranges that I cut up and I may have a 1/2 cup of some sort of seeds like pumpkin seeds or sunflower kernels or peanuts for the protein.

For weekly dinners, I have been eating a lot of (non-breaded) shrimp. I fry it up in real butter and use a tiny bit of cocktail sauce to dip them in or just eat them with the butter and nothing else. They are filling and do the stomach justice.ย  I no longer snack or need snacks but to calm my anxiety at work, sometimes I eat sunflower seeds or just chew bubble gum.

I do carefully watch the portion control and I really just rely on my stomach to let me know when I am full, which is always right after I consume about 4 or 5 ounces at every meal.

Finally, I also am getting in enough water intake. Weirdly it’s taken a good 2 months to do that but my providers should be very proud of me.

Protein wise, I went from needing 80 grams back down to 60 grams as my dietitian stated. It’s nice knowing that I have easy access to all of my providers via the Avera Portal system. I can send any of them a private message in the portal and by the end of the day, they respond. This is way easier than calling, leaving a message and waiting sometimes a day or more for someone to respond — and then — play phone tag.

This past week, I also shifted my eating back to the Wheat Belly lifestyle. For awhile there, I got off of that path while I was healing but I feel I was ready to get back to my regular routine of foods and stay away from toxic poisons that are in today’s grains/wheat.

For the past year I have been talking about getting a year membership at Midco Aquatic Center here in Sioux Falls…. it costs $190.00 for one year in my age group. A bit costly for me considering that you do not get to go to any of the water aerobic classes with that membership fee. This past Saturday, I just decided to quit making excuses and jokes about my laziness and just get on my bike and go. Did the same thing on Sunday and actually planned out my night tonight doing it right after I got home from work. And my sleep has improved and my legs feel amazing. Oh and I am nixing the idea of the $190.00 Midco membership. I’ll just use what I have in my teeny tiny home and go from there.

Since Dec. 31st, I have been talking to Cherry Tomato Guy at work. Today I told him that he inspires me to be a better human of myself (health wise/exercise wise). Naturally, in my very awkward way, that I am with the opposite sex, it came out of my pie hole, like a 7th grade girl, telling him I had a crush on him. Welcome to my life as I know it. Awkward, wonky, weird.

I just have always dealt with people who say that they want to lose weight or start exercising or whatever but just end up complaining more and more about it instead of moving their bodies and just doing it. Because CTG (Cherry Tomato Guy) and I both agreed that you, yourself, your own human, has to be the one to make that decision to make that change for you and only you. Then just do it.

Have a fabulous week — stay positive — and continue to make good food choices.


Sunday Funday

I just rode my recumbent bike for 20.3 miles!!!!!!ย ๐Ÿคธโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿšดโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’™ย In the beginning, I did some arm weights then I just cycled watching American Ninja Warrior.

Earlier I did a massive overhaul of cleaning my entire apartment which included moving/rearranging furniture too.

And before that, I did grocery shopping at Aldi and Sam’s Club. Supper tonight is lettuce salad with sunflower kernels and 1/2 cup cottage cheese with pepper.

I am FINALLY feeling like the healing is almost done…. but I know that isn’t true. Let’s hope my body reacts in a positive manner when I wake up tomorrow morning at 5:45AM for work.

I am so ready to face this coming week too. Keep the faith my friends!

And Then This Happened…

I exercised.

Actually, I exercised on my recumbent bike that I have owned for a zillion years but has basically just sat collecting dust. I had it delivered to my teeny tiny home this past July, only to continue to collect more dust. I have also rearranged its position four times since July.

This afternoon, I found an extension cord to actually plug it in. And it worked.

I just got on and peddled 13.1 miles. Insane!

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Tonight, my friend and I ate at the Himalayan Indian Cuisine in Sioux Falls East Side. I looked at the menu ahead of time to make sure there was going to be something I could eat and found Chicken Tikka (Tandoori). I ordered that with the rice along with an order of Naan bread (which I shared). WOW!!!! A huge platter of Chicken Tikka came out followed by the rice and bread. Incredible medium spices and heat, the taste and tenderness of the Chicken Tikka was so delicious and fresh tasting. It was an awesome night with my friend. And I brought plenty of it home for lunch tomorrow.

I am down 18 pounds of fluid due to severe edema in a week’s time, thanks to a high dosage of Lasix. I am almost done healing on the outside of my belly, knock on wood. My zipper belly is completely healed, incision wise. One not-so-big scar is left over now. And my drain hole is nicely closing up too. At least I no longer have to wear a bandage over it with the cloth tape. I still wear a spandex tank and my stomach binder underneath my clothes just for protection still. And security for me.

I still get very tired after working only 4 hours and I still need to sit or lay with my legs propped up higher than my heart.

This is a short post due to the reasons that I stupidly stayed up too late to watch the finale of Survivor. And again, I am very disappointed with the winner. Not too thrilled about the upcoming Season 38 either.

PS: instagram peeps: i changed my moniker from @wetinkwisdom to @bohemianburble


Rebooting MyFitnessPal

Weirdly just realized I joined MyFitnessPal on June 13, 2012. I downloaded the app on my Android just now to start recording a daily food diary and daily exercise diary to really keep myself ACCOUNTABLE… and found my old “page.” I saw I could add actual friends … so if you also have the app … send me a request. It’s way past my bedtime but I’m doing this to also make sure I get my 60 grams of much-needed daily protein in my body!ย 

Hello Day 40

I’ve been alive, with my new life, for 40 days as of today. Despite the snow and ice storm we had yesterday, I am needing to connect with a friend this weekend, so later this afternoon, I will be meeting a college pal at Applebee’s for food and merriment.

My goal for this week is to get 60 grams of protein down my pie hole every single day.

As I’ve already mentioned in previous posts, I did my recovering at my hometown of Springfield (SD) and in the best county I’ve ever lived in, Bon Homme County. That being said, our county has three small town newspapers run by the same publisher. Last week, I submitted a “Card of Thanks” for all three newspapers just thanking the County for being so kind towards my mother and I while I healed. I decided to publish it on my blog today. ***And there were people all over the US, who kept me in their prayers too, but I just wanted to focus on my County, the place where I was born and raised as a child.***

Letter to the Editor

A big shout out to my Prayer Warriors in Bon Homme County. I’m still needing you as I continue to heal. While I already miss the immensely wonderful TLC and all the unconditional love my mom has given me, I know that I am ready to embark on the second chance I received at life. I am thankful for so many kindhearted people as well as the events that have taken place during the month I was recovering at my momโ€™s in Springfield. I am thankful for the warmth from friends, my momโ€™s friends, kind strangers alike and from the wisdom I have learned through this entire nightmare I have been through.

With putting things into perspective on my emergency life-saving surgery I had on October 23rd, I was diagnosed with a rare condition called Gastric Necrosis. What I learned afterwards was that my stomach had been perforated and the surgeons at Avera McKennan, removed 85% of my stomach due to decay. My mom and I were told that I had 6 to 8 hours left to live before my stomach was going to rupture.

I am extremely blessed my Higher Power has allowed me to continue on with my new life during these past 35 days with no complications. I will forever be thankful for the overwhelming acts of random kindness and for everyone who has chosen to be a part of my journey.


Blessed, I Am

Today is Day 30 of my new life. I am and always will be forever grateful for Dr. Michael Persons for his skilled hands 30 days ago for saving my life. I am thankful for so many people, events that have taken place since… the warmth, the prayers, the wisdom I’ve learned, the visits, learning to re-eat, the great staff at the Surgical Institute at McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota . . . as you can see, I am very very very blessed I am still here and very very very THANKFUL for LIFE.ย 

A big shout out to my friends who have to work today and lots of love for those who are fortunate to be with the people you most love in life.ย