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Never Ever Ever Ever Give Up!



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Healthy Can Be Cheap

I’m on Pinterest right now and found this. I’m going to make these up for this week’s lunches/dinners. The salami one has cream cheese and yellow pepper slices in the middle…

Last week at work I put cream cheese, pickles and hard salami inside a flour tortilla but the flour tortilla upset my stomach. So am going to nix the tortilla… and maybe go with turkey this week…. And yes, I know it was a Wheat Belly no-no. The flour tortilla.

Tomorrow, am going to Aldi to buy cheap but healthy.

In the grand scheme of my life as I know it. Chaos is going on but at least I can feel good knowing that I have my eating under control and I have a healthy body finally.

My advice to anyone reading… Continue to make good choices in your life. Food. Booze. Exercise. Whatever you think is important to you, make good choices. Or ask for help.

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Clean Eating

With the warm temps happening now, my favorite kind of eating is taking place. Fresh vegetables, cheese, herbs and total deliciousness. I am heading to Aldi this afternoon to pick up the ingredients to make for my lunches this week at work. And instead of buying any cookbooks, I just hop onto Pinterest and type in Wheat Belly foods or Clean Eating and up pops all kinds of good stuff.

Yellow pepper, red pepper, Garbonzo beans (chickpeas), cherry tomatoes, celery, feta cheese (or) mozzarella cheese, cucumbers, cilantro…. Then you add more if you want, like black olives, bean sprouts, black beans, corn…. try it and add more or less as you so desire. I also rarely put any type of olive oil on it and just add a little salt/pepper.

On a side note, I dug out all of my new shorts that I bought last year and realized they were all too big for me. And not just a little, but a lot too big. I have about six pair of shorts that are essentially brand new that I am now selling to a lucky lass(es).  Happily I went to a few stores yesterday and bought 3 pair in a smaller size. It’s such an ah-maze-balls experience to be doing so well with my weight loss journey after almost six years from my lap band surgery!!!!

Happy Sunday Funday!

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A Robin Splashing in my Bird Bath

Wall hangings and other home decor decorating my living room have sayings that say: Have Courage & Be Kind…. Dream Big …. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made….Think Happy… and then I have my original watercolor abstract and realistic paintings hanging on my wall that I created in 1988 at Wayne State College to inspire me as well. And owls, birds… a big silver rooster that I bought at a flea market 20 years ago…. All things that are all about me. Things that make me smile. Happy.

That being said, another work week is gone by, thankfully. I made it through without shedding any tears this time around. Once home, I put on some shorts that I had bought last year… and wah-lah, they are baggy and quite too big on me. I rummaged through another box of shorts that are a year old too… too big, too big, too big. Go me and the ability to still shrink.

As much as I want to say my life is 100% dandy, it’s not. But I have high hopes it will be. I recently bought a bird bath. It’s cheap and I had to add a lot of sand to the base but I put it up near my teeny tiny patio outside. It survived two big blizzards in April and today, just now, a Robin landed in it and splashed around. I’m so happy I got to witness that. The bird. A Robin. Splashing. And me wearing shorts that are way tooooooo big. Yes, I have high hopes that with all the luck in the world, my Angels above, my wishes I make to different things…. and seeing a beautiful creature made by God, that my luck is about to change.

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Six years ago in April…

One day at work, surrounded by several coworkers… someone had complimented me on my new shirt I was wearing. I made the half ass remark that I was kind of bummed out that I had just bought a lot of new clothes at Catherines [Plus Size clothing store]. I added that with the pending lap band surgery coming up, I would be out a lot of money as their clothes were extremely expensive.

Without missing a beat, this cohort, literally said to me in all seriousness, “Well you can always cancel the surgery, and keep wearing your new clothes.”

Um, what???? It literally took me 8 years of fighting insurance companies and physicians to get this surgery completed …. NO! I wasn’t about to cancel this planned surgery just because I just bought brand new 5X clothes for pete’s sake.

Here I was wearing 5X clothing. I believe that’s around a 36 or 40 in clothing, give or take several inches and from different Brands of clothing. That was a HUGE, GINORMOUS size for clothing. My health was failing me and I was in dire need of getting help. And in help, the lap band surgery was the answer to my prayers.

Six years ago, that was NOT the first and only inappropriate comment a human would say to me. But it was one that has obviously stayed in my memory tank. I did end up selling my 5x clothes to someone who did pay me what they were worth and I was quite happy with that.

During the same time frame that I had my lap band surgery, two other women had it too in the same town. I recently saw these people within the past month. From the get-go, they had the surgery for all the wrong reasons. Both thought the surgery was a magic bullet. Both thought they would be instantly skinny. But both also never followed the rules. And now they are bigger than they ever were before.

  • Eat and drink slowly. Eating or drinking too quickly may cause dumping syndrome — when foods and liquids enter your small intestine rapidly and in larger amounts than normal, causing nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sweating and eventually diarrhea.
  • Keep meals small. 
  • Drink liquids between meals. Expect to drink at least 6 to 8 cups (48 to 64 ounces, or 1.4 to 1.9 liters) of fluids a day to prevent dehydration.
  • Chew food thoroughly. The new opening that leads from your stomach into your intestine is very small, and larger pieces of food can block the opening.
  • Focus on high-protein foods.
  • Avoid foods that are high in fat and sugar.
  • Take recommended vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • Try new foods one at a time. After surgery, certain foods may cause nausea, pain and vomiting or may block the opening of the stomach.

This June 27th will mark my 6th year of lap band surgery success. I am still learning about my body, I am still shrinking and I am still following the rules. I am also down to a size XL.

Feet wise… I was wearing a size 10-11 WIDE shoe and today, I am wearing a size 9 NARROW/MEDIUM.

I recently purchased a size L (large) shirt from the Mount Marty College bookstore on purpose and it was on clearance naturally. I am hoping by the end of 2018, I will be wearing it proudly.

This upcoming April 24th, will mark my one year of changing my life a second time for the better, by joining the wagon train of the Wheat Belly lifestyle.

I am off my CPAP, down on taking medications, my mind/soul/heart is healthy and strong … and best of all the bests, NO MORE DEPRESSION. I am thinking I’ll always have some sort of anxiety but it by far, is not like it used to be. I never would have been so social like I am now…. I literally feel like a brand spanking new human. And my God, I feel great.

Never ever ever ever give up on yourself. WE ARE ALL WORTH IT.

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Collagen Peptides Oh My!

With my recent additional weight loss, parts of my face, arms and other areas on my lovely body have gotten stretched slightly. And by stretched I mean, sagging. Most importantly, I finally am showing what I used to have, a neck. Yes, a neck. Parts of my once double chin, has turned into — well — an unsightly gaggle, very much like a turkey’s neck. I’m not too pleased with this saggy gaggle I now sport but I do not wish to every have no neck and only a double chin to have people gawk at.

I reached out to several of my healthier friends who are thin and mega healthy. I inquired if there were any type of exercises to get rid of said saggy gaggle I now sport but no, nothing they can think of. So I did my own Google research and found that by consuming Collagen Peptides, a protein, can perhaps help with the elasticity of my skin below my chin.

There are a lot of very expensive “brands” out there for this type of protein powder and if you know anything about me, you know I like to buy cheap. So I found this brand (see photo to the right) on Amazon. I believe it was $19.00.  I have been using it daily for a little over two weeks now. It literally has no taste. I mix mine with orange juice, my smoothies or mix it up with yogurt. I’ve even put it in soups that I make. One scoop a day.

Want to educate your melon about this amazing product? Go to this link:

As the site brags, one scoop a day promotes:

  • Lose weight
  • Heal your gut
  • Build stronger bones and joints
  • Get youthful, glowing skin, hair, and nails

While there is no promise that I will lose my saggy gaggle underneath my chin, I have had issues prior to gut issues so I already can tell a difference in the past two weeks. I also can tell how it’s making my hair grow longer (remember I’m growing out my pixie for the 5th time in 5 years and never have gotten past the 5 month mark before I chop it all off back to a pixie). Using this product also helps stabilizes my blood sugar.

Overall, it’s a win win for me.