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New Changes

Yesterday I met my new bright blue-eyed dentist. And now I have new freshly cleaned teeth, fluoride included. Go me. My overall six month check up was good. Who doesn’t like to get that kind of news along with a new tooth-brush? Next time I get to see Mr. Hottie Dentist is July 18th, a day after I turn 51. Tomorrow I am meeting my new provider. As in my new “regular” provider for all my general care needs. A couple of coworkers recommended her. My current provider, or the one I am leaving is the one who told me to get the lap band surgery done in April of 2012.

Why all the changes? I just decided that after living in the biggest city on the prairie for the past two years, I don’t need to keep motoring back and forth to my hometown/home county to do my teeth and overall body care there. It’s not like it’s a simple 10 minute jaunt, but 90 minutes one way. And that’s when traffic is sparse.

Speaking of changes, many have taken place since my last fill a month and two days ago. Clothes are falling off of me. In a good way, I might add. Clothes that I have had in closet winter after winter just waiting to be worn, now are wayyyyy tooooooo big for me. Cha-ching. And those are just the shirts. Pants — yah!!!! Another cha-ching. Go me.



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22 Days Later…

This morning I ran over to Tyndall to the clinic because I have had a nagging cough for the past 11-12 weeks.  As well as not being able to sleep for the past 48 hours. My being and body are exhausted. Blood work proved I had a bacterial infection in my lungs. And after being weighed due to being seen by my provider, I have lost 15 more pounds from my body. 15 pounds from 22 days ago, I LOST 15 MORE POUNDS!!!!

A shiny miracle has taken place. Or …the latest lap band fill from 22 days ago is finally working.

Yippeeeee, yahoo-zee… whoo whoo!!!! I knew something “good” was going down with me in the past couple of weeks… clothing that I bought at the beginning of December, are now too loose for me to wear now to work or elsewhere without me always having to hike them up as I walk.

Let me tell you this… it is an amazing feeling. One, my motivation to succeed is working and two, I am so overjoyed. The last time I weighed what I weigh today was 1994.

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Yuletide Greetings

Tis the season to be …. Merry? Jolly? Full?

Yes, I’ll pick FULL. I am so proud of myself for following the lap band rules to a T, especially when I am full. I mean, I literally put down the utensils and stop eating. I’m full. And I am 20 days since my final saline fill and it’s all going well.

I really have cut down on what I am bringing to work for my lunches. And weirdly and wonderfully, I am quite content with just eating celery sticks with a hunk of creamy peanut butter to get my protein fill. I drink a lot of water or decaffeinated iced tea. And yes yes yes I am waiting a full hour to drink any liquids after eating my celery sticks/peanut butter. It’s somewhat annoying as I am always thirsty but I do follow the drinking rule.

Not that it’ll never happen but sometimes I feel like Gwen or Dr. Strand will magically appear to spy on me to see if I NOT drinking any liquids 20 minutes before eating anything or 60 minutes after the fact. And I’m being real here, there’s no way in hell Gwen or Strand will ghetto themselves to motor all the way up near the airport to pay me a visit.

And so, it’s time to relax, unwind, stop thinking about what I need to get done at my gig and just enjoy this Yuletide season. My normal drive from where I live to where I am spending the holiday at normally takes me an hour and a half. Today due to a near white out (aka snow storm), it took me 3 hours. And my knuckles were at 10 and 2 and they were white by the time I meandered into my mom’s driveway. After drinking two Mike’s Hard Lemonade black cherry drinks…my nerves were restored and I was finally able to relax.

I return to my actual home on December 26th. So between now and then, I plan to just lounge about, watch a lot of Investigation Discovery and play online Scrabble — all the while following the lap band rules and stop eating once I am full.

Happy Holidays.


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9 Days In

My breakfast/lunch/supper from Gilberto’s.

I have a question about the lap band that I cannot really seem to get any real honest answers on other than what Gwen, Julie (my nurse) and both Dr. Strand/Dr. Haley have been quoted to say. And keep in mind, none of these 4 humans have ever had the lap band procedure done.

The rule is: No drinking liquids 20 minutes prior to eating and then no drinking while eating and wait 45 minutes to 60 minutes after eating to drink any liquids.

Now 5 years ago, I followed those rules. As well as the last 9 days after my final fill. BUT… and I do say a HUGE BUT… why??? During the last 4 years, I followed 90% of the rules but I gave in to drinking water with meals and prior/after too. I never felt that the water flushed away any of the nutrients that I had just consumed like the humans above have told me it would. I also never felt “hungry” immediately after flushing out said “nutrients,” either. Again, that was told to me by the professionals.

In any case, it’s up for debate.

Onwards … I have not gone out to eat with anyone, or ordered any type of take out since my last fill, nine days ago just because I wasn’t feeling “up to it,” and I was good with what I had in my cupboards/fridge. Today, I decided to test it. And by “test it,” I wanted to see if ordering my “go to” favorites and how they would feel in my much smaller stomach.

I went to my favorite dive restaurant and ordered my regular. Chicken fatijas without the tortillas at Gilberto’s. It’s a combination plate (see photo above, that’s my actual meal) which consists of lettuce, pico de galla, guac, small pieces of grilled chicken, green/red peppers, onions, Mexican rice and refried beans.

Prior to this latest fill, I would be able to eat this whole ginormous plate in about an hour’s time. Today… it’s been a little over 2 hours now and I’ve only managed to eat maybe a fourth of the massive plate. And I am full. Everything went down just lovely. But I can actually say, my stomach is full and I’ll have a lot of leftovers for tomorrow and the next day for my meals.

I am also not thirsty.

On a side note, today, being Sunday, December 10, 2017, I am sitting here in a Harry Potter t-shirt, Capri’s, sans socks and I have my patio door open, the sun is shining in as I type, letting in a wonderfully awesome breeze. I think it’s 39 degrees today. I went out earlier this morning to get some groceries for the week of lunches and I wore sandals and no coat. This weather is amazing for South Dakota.

Groceries bought for my lunches this week: 3 heads of cauliflower, celery, peanut butter, and green apples. I also picked up at another store, chicken tenders and little protein packets of cheddar cheese and salami.

Last night, I wasn’t very hungry for supper but I did cut up two apples and dipped them into about a cup of creamy peanut butter. I was pleasantly surprised as to how filling that was and how full I was til today.

As for my non-scale victories… many have been happening in rapid successions in the last 9 days. I am very happy to report that my Harry Potter t-shirt that I am sporting right now, is now quite large on my body frame. When I purchased it last Winter (beginning of 2017), I barely could fit into it. Now, I’m wearing it as “lounge wear,” and I wore it to do errands today, along with no make up and no hair products… I’m not saying I’m a slug today but I am just “going with the flow,” today. Typing my thoughts, watching documentaries on Netflix, and not drinking my water as my belly is still full with the fourth of food I’ve calmly chewed down.

So thanks for reading along with me, thank you for your ongoing support and here’s to continued shrinking!!!! Soon I will be able to match the weight on my driver’s license!!! I cannot wait.



Wonky-fitting pants

Five days in with the latest saline fill and I believe I am loving this new fill. Today was proof.

My lunch consisted of a baggie of celery, a Honey Crisp apple, a cup of cottage cheese and four sharp cheddar cheese slices. No liquids. What went down my pie hole…. 2 small pieces of celery, about 2 spoonfuls of cottage cheese and 2 squares of non-processed cheese. Yay me. And an hour afterwards, plenty of filtered water was swallowed. Bonus.

Look at the image to the left. Without any saline in my lap band, that is the image on the farthest left. With saline, the 2nd image is what it looks like as it is filled. So now you know. However, I do not know how much this image shows.

Also, another non-scale victory for me was today. Gray pants that have been hanging up in my closet all summer long. Winter is here in the prairie and I put on the pants this morning. They felt baggy, but looked decent in the mirror.

All day today, I could feel them getting baggier and baggier. And they felt wonky. They are now in the pile I have started again for the consignment shop that I take my too big of clothes to for money$$$$$ in Vermillion (SD).

Another piece of clothing that went on that pile was a brand new pink zippered jacket. Also been hanging in my closet for months on end. Put it on with the wonky feeling gray pants this fine morning. and the jacket literally hung on my body frame like a shaggy shawl. Not quite the look I was going for. But boy, it felt so amazing to put it on the pile to sell.

Tonight’s supper was a small amount of spaghetti with sauce. Eight ounces to be exact. I did not even eat a half of it. 10 points for Amy! My lunch box is made for tomorrow. No more cafeteria food. Another win for me.

Gwen the PA was so adamant that I was going to have major hiccups with this new 1/4 of a fill last week. She said I would have major heart burn. I would be vomiting. And I would be so uncomfortable with this big fill. I kept telling her to have faith in me. I know my body. She doesn’t. I know if I was still in Dr. Haley’s care, he would never have said those concerns. But what people do not know is before you can leave their office, you have to prove to them that you are fine and the amount of saline in your lap band is a good amount by drinking a cup of water. And it must all go down the chute without coming back up. The water has to go down just like people who do not have a lap band, drink water. It has to go down smoothly. And it did that for me on Friday, December 1st.

All is well at 10-3/4 cc’s.

All is well.


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Day 2: Check.

Almost finished up with day 2 of eating solid proteins first and foremost before any other food and I’m not failing at it. And besides my addiction to sunflower seeds, I have had zero hankering for any type of bad snack or candy. Although I did buy some milk duds as an emergency in my drawer for work. You know, just in case.

Just in case… I flip out and need chocolate. Or I’m overly stressing and I need to chew on something other than celery. You know… just in case. I’m not going to open the box. I’m just going to take it to work… just in case.

And I bought plenty of “solid proteins,” this afternoon too. I bought some small pre-made salads that comes with bacon and chicken, making each salad worth 18 grams of protein. I also couldn’t figure out whether or not, cottage cheese is considered “slippery food.”

I’m going with no. Cottage cheese is not a slippery food. I mean, it’s not like you take a spoon full of cottage cheese and just swallow it like jello. I actually do chew cottage cheese, don’t you?

Gwen, the PA, did state that if I do opt for soup, that I must strain all the juice out before eating it. Ummm….. isn’t that the entire soup then? Seriously!?!?!?! No worries here, no soup made my cart this fine day.

My lunch for tomorrow is one of the above said salads. I have some slippery apple sauce included, only 3 ounces though… it’s been in my fridge for what seems forever and I do not want to throw it out. It’s going in my lunch tomorrow. And yes, I know it’s a “slippery” food. And I have a Honey Crisp apple. Oh and some celery sticks with peanut butter. Breakfast will consist of an egg bake that my mom made yesterday. Gwen stressed that I eat more eggs and proteins like sausage/bacon/etc…. for breakfast.

Guess what also made my cart today? An entire carton of eggs for 50 cents. It’s been a good 6 years since I last bought a carton of eggs.

Day 2: Almost over.


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Check This Book Out

After talking to several people online and from talking with a friend from Springfield, my hometown, who had already joined the Wheat Belly lifestyle, on April 27, 2017, I started cold turkey with the Wheat Belly Detox. Thankfully I live in a big enough “city,” that we have multiple city libraries and I was able to check out this book. I also had joined two Wheat Belly facebook groups so there were many people also starting it the same day as I did. Having that extra support and people cheering me on for the 10 days was awesome. I will be truthful here. I thought it was going to be easy as pie to follow this lifestyle.

First couple of days, no problems. On Day 4, I felt like I was hit with a dump truck and my all of my joints were aching and I was terribly hungry.

But in all seriousness, after the 10 days, I felt AH-MAZING. It was such a cool feeling to know I had all the toxins out of my body and I was ready to become mega-healthy.

By the time July 6th rolled around, I was meeting with my provider for my 6-month diabetic checkup. She was floored as to how my numbers changed for the better. In fact, I got all high reviews from her. I had “cured” my life time of year round allergies… I had suffered from depression and high anxiety since 1982 … and that vanished completely and then my Type 2 diabetes… Adios!

And the great thing about this lifestyle… if you fall off and eat wheat or grains… you just have to go through the detox again to start all over.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this awesome lifestyle with all of you!