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Drinking Aspartame

poisonThe last time I drank Aspartame was August 11, 2014. My last day at a certain gig I used to have where you could drink all the Aspartame in carbonated soda you wanted to on your shift. And even more when you weren’t on the clock.

I was just at the grocery store and I was parched. For water. I debated in my brain that I would be home soon and I could drink all the ice water I could guzzle.

And knowing full well that the water would quench my thirst, I decided to quickly buy the soda to the right.  And I wanted to see how my body would react after not having it in 9 months.

First off… the taste was not good. Secondly, I did not feel that my thirst was even the slightest quenched.

Then the acid of the pop just trickled down my stomach and I could feel it in all the increments it took to go down. It was a very funky and odd feeling.

And then I was thirsty for water. And no water was in sight.

I drove the 5 minutes home. And as soon as I got into my kitchen. I put the pop on the counter and reached for an ice cold bottle of fresh water. RELIEF.

Now as I sit and type this post, I can feel the ick effects of what the Diet Dr. Pepper is still doing to my stomach and bowels. And the burps are happening too thus leaving a bad after taste in my throat.


The $1.48 experiment is over. A huge waste of money too.

LESSON LEARNED: Continue to stay away from the poison Aspartame. Continue to make good drink and food choices to continue to better my health.