Stay’n Alive

My new ringtone STAY’N ALIVE, thought it was most appropriate for Day 66. 🎶🤣

My short-term disability ended today. Back to full-time on 12/31 with mandatory OT for the next 3 weeks.

I still have a lot of edema in my legs….so besides Lasix, I am also on Metolazone.🎪🤹‍♀️ Let the party begin. 🎉🥃🤣🤩

This weekend I plan on keeping my legs up, wearing my compression socks, drinking a ton of water and getting in several much-needed naps to gear up for my first 8+ hours of work since October 17th.


Here’s the Latest Happenings

With the end near of 2018, so many thoughts and memories come to mind. Despite not feeling well from Spring to October 18th, I really did have an awesome year. I started volunteering at an awesome bookstore. I even attempted to tutor but it didn’t work out. I met new friends and I joined a Murderino podcast/meet up group in February.

I also happened to drop 74 pounds in 2018. And got healthier and happier than I had been in years. I really did love my life in 2018.

In regards to my life-saving surgery on Oct. 23rd: Everything outwardly has closed up nicely. It appears that the healing has ended its course minus the edema is still in my legs (10 lbs left to shed). Between now through Feb. 12th, I am to allow my body on the inside to now heal and to not try to lose any weight until after 2/12/19. Mentally and emotionally, I have not processed ANY of this. My short-term memory is still splotchy and I was told, I may not ever recover anything from 2-months ago.

The photo on the right is from Friday, December 21st. As you can see, I still have fluid in my legs, making them a lot thicker than normal but overall, I was feeling good that day when the photo was taken.

I am still trying to figure out this new stomach of mine too. Unlike what I was trained to have — the lap band from 2012 to Oct. 23rd of this year … I knew what I could and could NOT eat. I thought I had a routine and I thought it was somewhat working for the best for me, especially since December 2017.

With only having 15% of my stomach now… I can surprisingly eat foods I couldn’t eat for the past 6 years. My new stomach also tells me extremely quickly when I need to stop eating and that I am full. I can eat up to 6 small meals per day. I always always always eat breakfast now. I never knew how important eating right away in the morning was until I had my surgery two months ago. I tend to eat my lunches not quite at my former times around 11:30AM… I tend to eat it later after the norm.

Also prior to this new stomach, eating oranges or any type of citrus fruits really upset my stomach. New stomach, I eat a lot of oranges. In fact, HyVee, here in Sioux Falls, currently has 4-pounds of oranges for a cheap price of $1.77 per bag this week. I bought three bags. And lately, I’ve been cutting up 4 oranges at a time and eat them as a healthy snack.

The photo to the left, is my healed up incision that is located below my breasts but above my belly button.

Today, December 27th, I have been alive 65 days.

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Tonight, my friend and I ate at the Himalayan Indian Cuisine in Sioux Falls East Side. I looked at the menu ahead of time to make sure there was going to be something I could eat and found Chicken Tikka (Tandoori). I ordered that with the rice along with an order of Naan bread (which I shared). WOW!!!! A huge platter of Chicken Tikka came out followed by the rice and bread. Incredible medium spices and heat, the taste and tenderness of the Chicken Tikka was so delicious and fresh tasting. It was an awesome night with my friend. And I brought plenty of it home for lunch tomorrow.

I am down 18 pounds of fluid due to severe edema in a week’s time, thanks to a high dosage of Lasix. I am almost done healing on the outside of my belly, knock on wood. My zipper belly is completely healed, incision wise. One not-so-big scar is left over now. And my drain hole is nicely closing up too. At least I no longer have to wear a bandage over it with the cloth tape. I still wear a spandex tank and my stomach binder underneath my clothes just for protection still. And security for me.

I still get very tired after working only 4 hours and I still need to sit or lay with my legs propped up higher than my heart.

This is a short post due to the reasons that I stupidly stayed up too late to watch the finale of Survivor. And again, I am very disappointed with the winner. Not too thrilled about the upcoming Season 38 either.

PS: instagram peeps: i changed my moniker from @wetinkwisdom to @bohemianburble


Oh The Trauma…

My doctor visit didn’t go well. I’ve gained 30 pounds of fluids. 21 pounds of fluids since Nov. 20. I barely can move my legs and it’s difficult to get into my car.

It’s not just fluid retention but sharp pain in my legs, lower stomach and now my face. I got more blood work done at the visit. My doctor said with the intensity of the trauma my body has gone through this is why it’s retaining so much fluid.

The other option is far worse she said, which is death. I said I will take walking in quicksand for now.

She put me on a high dose of a pee pill. My legs need to be elevated a lot higher now and absolutely no salt. I also had to buy a scale [see photo to the left] I am to call her on Monday with my daily weight totals.

Let the pee games begin!

Tending to Heal

Today the magnitude of what all went down in 2018 — health wise including my year-long exhaustion that I had been feeling has literally caught up with me this afternoon. I still haven’t cried. I haven’t yelled or really have shown any type of emotion other than swearing like a Sailor at times.

For the past 6 days I’ve been dealing with extreme edema in my lower belly, legs & feet. Tomorrow I’m heading over to my doctor’s office for a quick visit to see if I can get any sort of relief. I know my surgeon’s office doesn’t want me to be on any type of meds but something has got to make me feel less like walking in quicksand and back to feeling normal. It’s been 43 days since my surgery and I’ve never experienced this much tightness in my lower body. I also do not like to feel “heavy.”

I have also been Googling foods that help reduce swelling due to edema. Radishes popped up and so did avocados. Both I love. Both are in my fridge. I just NEED to stop using SALT on my food. Better said than it actually happening, but seriously, I am trying.

Edema, How I Hate You!

Today is Day 38. Hallelujah!

Since last being seen at my surgeon’s office for a clinic visit on November 20th, with his amazing PA-C, Gwen, edema has set in and causing me to retain 13 pounds of fluid in my lower belly, my thighs, calves and feet. Yikes. My entire left leg/foot is far worse than my right. And it’s mega difficult getting it into my car. Sleeping hasn’t been easy either as I am always flexing my ankles and moving my legs around to make them less crampy-like.

And Gwen said no to taking Lasik, the drug that would relieve most of the edema but not wise with the type of surgery I have had.

Two weeks ago I bought some compression socks from Dr. Comfort at the Bon Homme Family Clinic’s Pharmacy in Tyndall, South Dakota. Jeremiah, one of the Pharmacists, measured my calves and found me the perfect “designer style” of Dr. Comfort’s compression socks to sport. I thought they were going to be horrible to wear but I find them doing what they are supposed to be doing. So I bought another pair.

Recently I’ve been dinking around on Pinterest, looking up different ways to relieve the discomfort of having so much fluid on my lower half of my body. I found this cool site: DIY Health Site

The photo to the right is a photo of me, taken today, while pampering my edema legs and feet. A fancier nail salon in Sioux Falls was offering a special yesterday and today only and I opted to get one at a discounted price. This salon was my second time going, the last was in 2016. It’s a lot classier than the regular joint I frequent but well worth the ah-mazing pampering experience the ladies there give you.

It’s frustrating to be recovering for me because prior to this emergency surgery on October 23rd, I used to shower in the morning before work and then before bed, I’d take a cozy bath. Well as you probably have guessed, no cozy baths since before October 18th when this nightmare came alive. And still nothing but showers until my incision is fully healed up with no open pockets. But once again, I am just HAPPY TO BE ALIVE than ashes sitting somewhere in my mom’s house.

Did you hear me????



lu·na·tic: The American Horror Story Kind

american_horror_storyDefinition of LUNATIC


a : affected with lunacy : insane


b : designed for the care of insane persons <lunatic asylum>

: wildly foolish <a lunatic idea>
lunatic noun
After a solid night of sound sleeping, I woke in time to go to my morning appointment with my favorite county nurse. Off to start a great day of relaxing or so I thought. Minutes after saying my farewells to two very positive people…. I ran into a lunatic. Or rather the lunatic ran into me.
There went my somewhat sane of a morning. And several hours after the fact. Did I not just go through an intensely stressful weekend at work? Yes. Did I just not also go through a very stressful weekend before that? Yes, again. So my first day off in what seemed like forever, I just wanted an easy peasy day off with no worries… just go with the flow kind of day. Did that occur? No. No, it did not.
I also thought I would mention this nugget. Just for shits and giggles.
When I am beyond stressed out … I love to stuff my pie hole with all things salty. Salty food items calm me down. Call me wonky but it does. And my mom had just given me an ice bucket full of home-made sliced dill pickles called “fridge pickles.” And perhaps some of you on my general facebook page recall a few weeks ago when I had that walking Charley Horse and blabbed to anyone who would listen, how I had never experienced that before, while actually walking. Some brilliant human suggested I drink pickle juice. I did not have said pickle juice back when this had occurred but last night I had an ice cream bucket of pickle juice in my careless paws.
If there had been a pickle drinking contest to win a million buckeroos last night. I would have won hands down. Even blind folded. With one arm tied behind my back. I would have been the queen of drinking pickle juice. Even the home-made kind.
I also shamelessly ate a lot of other rather salty-non-lap-band-friendly-foods too. Hey, STRESS does this to me. Make bad bad choices regardless if I have an expensive lap band in me or not. You cannot stop STUPID.
This morning, I woke up swollen. Like I gained an alien inside of me. My normally skinny legs were chock full of edema. My face, my hands, my arms, my fingers… my toes….my feet…. basically my entire bodice was blown up with SALTY fluids.
Yes. Really. God awful and gross.
And in 30 minutes upon waking, I sat in my county nurse’s office … to be weighed.
Sweet Mother Mary.
So not good. Not at all.
Reality hit me splat in the face and I instantly got mad at myself for allowing my urges to consume large quantities of salt to take over and not think of the consequences the following morning for my weigh in.
Upon leaving, I vowed I’d get right back on track. I was on my way to do so…. when SPLAT. The lunatic found me. I stopped dead in my tracks. My swollen self barely could move let alone be happy to see the lunatic. And an hour after leaving, I realized you cannot fix stupid. And this time, I was not thinking of myself.
100_0428 Once home, feverishly drew and painted the rest of my “goal list” of getting 100+ paintings finished for the upcoming “Artist in residence” appearance at the State Fair on September 1st …. and I filled up the laundry basket to the left with the various sizes and prices of my whimsical art. Ready to show case and hopefully sell to many happy new customers.
But before this, I GOOGLED how to rid the body of fluids… and found out by drinking some Apple Cider Vinegar and eating celery, tomatoes, onions and plenty of lettuce … those all act as a diuretic and helps flush out the crap I purposely put in me.
I had pretty much everything on the list so off I went chomping on the veggies like a bunny. An did a big shot of the Apple Cider Vinegar too. Yowzers.
Tonight I went for a good walk with one of my favorite friends and that also allowed me to let off steam and the stress just fell off my shoulders. I’ve been urinating like it’s nobody’s business ever since and finally can recognize my skinny fingers again. And my face seems to be shrinking back to normal too…. I’m not sure how the Incredible Hulk felt after shrinking back to his human self but I can some what feel my legs being put back in the right way … And no, I am not saying I am anything like the Green God either. I pray when I wake up tomorrow AM … I will feel like myself again.
Tomorrow’s goodness is I get to see my Hottie Dentist at 10AM. And I plan to steer clear of any lunatics too… even though I do plan on going to WalMart.
Lesson learned: Go for a long walk with a good friend the NEXT time I get overly stressed out and not turn to my old habits of drinking salty pickle anything and stay away from making bad choices.
Goodnight All.