My New Anthem Songs

Happy to be alive Day 58 😘 Found two songs that definitely define the new me: 🎢🎹 THIS IS ME by Kesha & FIGHT SONG by Rachel Platten. 🎸🎼❀

I am wearing a size LARGE dress from Old Navy for $2.88 on clearance with a LARGE cardigan I bought at the Bargain Shoppe in Tyndall (SD) for $3.00. The fleece-lined footless tights, also bought on clearance, 2 years ago (never worn or brave enough till today!!!!) for $9.00 from Lane Bryant.

Enjoy your Thursday my friends.


Edema, How I Hate You!

Today is Day 38. Hallelujah!

Since last being seen at my surgeon’s office for a clinic visit on November 20th, with his amazing PA-C, Gwen, edema has set in and causing me to retain 13 pounds of fluid in my lower belly, my thighs, calves and feet. Yikes. My entire left leg/foot is far worse than my right. And it’s mega difficult getting it into my car. Sleeping hasn’t been easy either as I am always flexing my ankles and moving my legs around to make them less crampy-like.

And Gwen said no to taking Lasik, the drug that would relieve most of the edema but not wise with the type of surgery I have had.

Two weeks ago I bought some compression socks from Dr. Comfort at the Bon Homme Family Clinic’s Pharmacy in Tyndall, South Dakota. Jeremiah, one of the Pharmacists, measured my calves and found me the perfect “designer style” of Dr. Comfort’s compression socks to sport. I thought they were going to be horrible to wear but I find them doing what they are supposed to be doing. So I bought another pair.

Recently I’ve been dinking around on Pinterest, looking up different ways to relieve the discomfort of having so much fluid on my lower half of my body. I found this cool site:Β DIY Health Site

The photo to the right is a photo of me, taken today, while pampering my edema legs and feet. A fancier nail salon in Sioux Falls was offering a special yesterday and today only and I opted to get one at a discounted price. This salon was my second time going, the last was in 2016. It’s a lot classier than the regular joint I frequent but well worth the ah-mazing pampering experience the ladies there give you.

It’s frustrating to be recovering for me because prior to this emergency surgery on October 23rd, I used to shower in the morning before work and then before bed, I’d take a cozy bath. Well as you probably have guessed, no cozy baths since before October 18th when this nightmare came alive. And still nothing but showers until my incision is fully healed up with no open pockets. But once again, I am just HAPPY TO BE ALIVE than ashes sitting somewhere in my mom’s house.

Did you hear me????