Update: Drain-Free

UPDATE 💙Great appointment at my surgeon’s office yesterday. They pulled the drain out. My Mom was right there, up close and personal watching. It was slippery and gross and ended up looking like an alien once it was all yanked out. We all commented on how nasty it was. 🤣 So I have a gaping hole there now that needs to heal and close on its own. I am to return on Feb. 12th for my 3-month post-operation appointment.

I will stay part-time at work through the 17th/December when I return for my regular Doctor appointment to check on my edema in my legs. Then my provider will decide whether or not I stay part-time or return full-time after December 17th. We both asked many questions and got them all answered.

I am to concentrate on losing the last 15 pounds of fluids and stay away from slippery foods like yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, jello, soups, anything soft in texture from now on.

My Mom and I were extremely happy when we left. 🌹🌻 


Also… they don’t want to me lose any more weight right now with the exception of getting the 15 pounds of fluid off my body….because of the severity of my emergency surgery… She explained to us just how deathly ill I was when I came in on Oct. 23rd… my mom got tears in her eyes and I sat there dumbfounded, again having no memory. Between now and Feb. 12th they just want me to maintain where I was around 194 pounds and allow my body to heal all the way. So while they removed 85% of my stomach… I did NOT have the sleeve surgery like the average person getting it done, mine was made that way because that was the only thing left to do with the healthy part of my muscle tissues and the remainder of my stomach.

Some of my facebook friends wanted to know why I cannot eat slippery foods anymore… 

With any type of weight loss surgery (lap band, gastric bypass, the RY, and the sleeve… even the removal of the entire stomach….you go thru 4 stages of eating to “train” your new stomach how to re-eat, re-drink. Stage 1 is clear liquids like water and broth; Stage 2 is pudding and pureed foods (which includes pureed meat); Stage 3 is all soft foods (or slippery foods) and on November 20th I graduated to Stage 4 which is solid food or non-slippery foods like chicken, pork, beef, yams, veggies, fruits… high protein BUT absolutely nothing like cottage cheese, protein drinks, juices, Whey protein drinks, yogurt, jello, soups… from here on out.

For the very reason because OUR STOMACHS are different from yours, the slippery food holds no nutritional value for our new stomachs and they slide on through to the intestines without being properly digested — just like liquid calories: pop, coffee, fancy drinks…. THE SAME THING goes to snacking… .mindless unnecessary snacking…. it’s pointless.

As once we consume our 4-6 ounces of food per meal (we’re to eat six a day, not the normal three) … once we eat the small amount, we will literally be FULL and not to put pressure on my new “sleeve” — keeping in mind, mine is shaped like a banana now and quite small.

I love to help people be educated on my weight loss journey so please feel free to ask any question you so desire. I promise to answer truthfully.


Hello Day 40

I’ve been alive, with my new life, for 40 days as of today. Despite the snow and ice storm we had yesterday, I am needing to connect with a friend this weekend, so later this afternoon, I will be meeting a college pal at Applebee’s for food and merriment.

My goal for this week is to get 60 grams of protein down my pie hole every single day.

As I’ve already mentioned in previous posts, I did my recovering at my hometown of Springfield (SD) and in the best county I’ve ever lived in, Bon Homme County. That being said, our county has three small town newspapers run by the same publisher. Last week, I submitted a “Card of Thanks” for all three newspapers just thanking the County for being so kind towards my mother and I while I healed. I decided to publish it on my blog today. ***And there were people all over the US, who kept me in their prayers too, but I just wanted to focus on my County, the place where I was born and raised as a child.***

Letter to the Editor

A big shout out to my Prayer Warriors in Bon Homme County. I’m still needing you as I continue to heal. While I already miss the immensely wonderful TLC and all the unconditional love my mom has given me, I know that I am ready to embark on the second chance I received at life. I am thankful for so many kindhearted people as well as the events that have taken place during the month I was recovering at my mom’s in Springfield. I am thankful for the warmth from friends, my mom’s friends, kind strangers alike and from the wisdom I have learned through this entire nightmare I have been through.

With putting things into perspective on my emergency life-saving surgery I had on October 23rd, I was diagnosed with a rare condition called Gastric Necrosis. What I learned afterwards was that my stomach had been perforated and the surgeons at Avera McKennan, removed 85% of my stomach due to decay. My mom and I were told that I had 6 to 8 hours left to live before my stomach was going to rupture.

I am extremely blessed my Higher Power has allowed me to continue on with my new life during these past 35 days with no complications. I will forever be thankful for the overwhelming acts of random kindness and for everyone who has chosen to be a part of my journey.