My New Anthem Songs

Happy to be alive Day 58 😘 Found two songs that definitely define the new me: 🎢🎹 THIS IS ME by Kesha & FIGHT SONG by Rachel Platten. 🎸🎼❀

I am wearing a size LARGE dress from Old Navy for $2.88 on clearance with a LARGE cardigan I bought at the Bargain Shoppe in Tyndall (SD) for $3.00. The fleece-lined footless tights, also bought on clearance, 2 years ago (never worn or brave enough till today!!!!) for $9.00 from Lane Bryant.

Enjoy your Thursday my friends.


Home Sweet Home

Our last hurrah together for awhile — just finished eating lunch at the Crooked Pint in Sioux Falls (SD). Saying ‘so long for now, was hard for the both of us. I love my mom so much!

Here’s to my new life . . . and back to reality.

πŸ’™Β Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful and emergency free weekend!

You’ve Got Mail

I’ve been on vacation for the past 9 days so I had all of my mail held at the post office. After work today I ran downtown to pick it up.

Driving home, I thumbed through everything and saw an unfamiliar handwriting with a stamped returned address that I did not recognize.

Thinking it was a birthday card, since my 51st is July 17th, I put it aside to not open till next week. Once home, I looked at the envelope again and realized since I didn’t recognize the return address at all, this was not a birthday card.

So this beautiful card came out of the envelope. It reads “You are amazing… Don’t ever forget it.” Opening it up, to my great surprise, wonderful sentiments from my No. 1 Provider ever: Lori Ranek, PA-C from the Bon Homme Family Clinic in Tyndall (SD). My No. 1 cheerleader, truth-teller, hero.

Besides verbal words of encouragement and praise from Lori and several other ah-mazing providers, this is my first real piece of confirmation from a provider that took the time out of their busy medical lives to sit down, write something down, place a stamp on it and mail it, that I have ever received.

How lucky am I?