Sunday Funday

I just rode my recumbent bike for 20.3 miles!!!!!! 🤸‍♀️🚴‍♀️😍💙 In the beginning, I did some arm weights then I just cycled watching American Ninja Warrior.

Earlier I did a massive overhaul of cleaning my entire apartment which included moving/rearranging furniture too.

And before that, I did grocery shopping at Aldi and Sam’s Club. Supper tonight is lettuce salad with sunflower kernels and 1/2 cup cottage cheese with pepper.

I am FINALLY feeling like the healing is almost done…. but I know that isn’t true. Let’s hope my body reacts in a positive manner when I wake up tomorrow morning at 5:45AM for work.

I am so ready to face this coming week too. Keep the faith my friends!


Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Tonight, my friend and I ate at the Himalayan Indian Cuisine in Sioux Falls East Side. I looked at the menu ahead of time to make sure there was going to be something I could eat and found Chicken Tikka (Tandoori). I ordered that with the rice along with an order of Naan bread (which I shared). WOW!!!! A huge platter of Chicken Tikka came out followed by the rice and bread. Incredible medium spices and heat, the taste and tenderness of the Chicken Tikka was so delicious and fresh tasting. It was an awesome night with my friend. And I brought plenty of it home for lunch tomorrow.

I am down 18 pounds of fluid due to severe edema in a week’s time, thanks to a high dosage of Lasix. I am almost done healing on the outside of my belly, knock on wood. My zipper belly is completely healed, incision wise. One not-so-big scar is left over now. And my drain hole is nicely closing up too. At least I no longer have to wear a bandage over it with the cloth tape. I still wear a spandex tank and my stomach binder underneath my clothes just for protection still. And security for me.

I still get very tired after working only 4 hours and I still need to sit or lay with my legs propped up higher than my heart.

This is a short post due to the reasons that I stupidly stayed up too late to watch the finale of Survivor. And again, I am very disappointed with the winner. Not too thrilled about the upcoming Season 38 either.

PS: instagram peeps: i changed my moniker from @wetinkwisdom to @bohemianburble


What’s In A Word?

One month ago today, was the beginning to almost the end of me.

Yesterday it really hit me. Was I traumatized? Was that the right word I should even be using to describe the horror I survived? Then I read the definition of traumatized and I do not qualify for the description. So my mom and I got to naming off different words for how I feel and yet nothing comes to mind. I even sought out a thesaurus and all the other words in the thesaurus category came up rather lame too:

None of these words seem to grasp the feeling I’ve been feeling since I nearly lost my life on October 23rd. I’m not trying to be overly dramatic here but I want to find a fitting word to fit my feelings.

Does any of this even really matter in the grand scheme of things?


Another Incredible Doc Visit

Meet my brilliant eye doctor, Dr. Joel Quist, of Dakota Vision Center, East Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Today, he said my eye balls have IMPROVED greatly since my 6-month check-up last April. And I do not have to return UNTIL April 22, 2019. Yippeeee-yahooozeeeee

So this happened today after work. Two days in a row this week that I have received ah-mazing results in two appointments.

For the record, I’ve had three incredible appointments dealing with my ‘diabetes,’ and all have turned out wonderful.

I had a pelvic ultrasound on October 12th and the results came back yesterday stating that I have no cysts, nothing fibrous or tumors causing the havoc that’s currently going on in my nether regions and my uterus thickness is how it’s supposed to be per my provider.

However, I will still be seeing a specialist on October 25th for an outcome to the unanswered questions that’s rattling around.

I am now waiting my mammogram results that I also had done on October 12th.

I cannot stress this enough to everyone out there… BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE TO YOUR HEALTHCARE!!!!

Only YOU and YOU alone can do this. Yeah you can have a power of attorney for medical reasons but before you sign your life over to someone else…. make others fully aware of your honest intentions and fight like hell to get yourself HEALTHY! And get 2nd or 3rd or 4th opinions if you do disagree with a provider….. !!!!!

So on to other exciting things in my life as I know it…. This is the best part of losing a ton of weight!!!! This past Saturday, I drove to Vermillion (SD) to the consignment shop called New 2 U … been consigning with them since October 2013. It’s an awesome place to consign with. And it’s such an awesome feeling to no longer be in the Plus Size Club. I cannot recall the last time I did not have anything in my closet that was considered plus size either. BEST. FEELING. EVER.

I have a huge pile of Summer/Spring clothes that I will be motoring down there in December when they start accepting those seasons.

I am thoroughly loving the person I am becoming with my new-found freedom of weight loss and it’s giving me the confidence I once had in my teen years. It’s such a blessing to find my voice after all these turbulent years.

Can You See a Difference?

I just returned home today from a 4-day vacation with my mom in the Black Hills of South Dakota. A year ago, we were there too, over Labor Day weekend. Also a year ago, I met up with a college pal from Northern State College in Aberdeen (circa 1985 to 1987), SD.

The photo on the left hand side was from September 1, 2017 in Custer. I was sporting different eye glasses and a very short pixie.

The photo on the right was from September 3, 2018, also in Custer. I now have longer hair, darker hair, different eye glasses and have lost a significant amount of weight from a year ago.

I love the changes I am going through during this shrinking phase.

Why am I so insecure????

RIVERFEST, downtown Sioux Falls, SD on August 18, 2018

I am not seeking compliments. I’m not. At. All. But today on my 2nd break, I was outside enjoying the gorgeous cooler weather. When it was my time to go in, I made my way to the doors and I saw someone say something to me. She made a reference with her hands and said, “You’re getting skinnier every time I see you.” And then I said, “Really?” in utter disbelief as I patted my belly. And she said, “Oh we all have that.” … She made another sweep of her hands and said, “You keep getting smaller and smaller both front and to the sides.”

I haven’t been weighed since June 29th at my doctor’s office. I know I’m still shrinking by the clothes I’ve been putting on and taking off immediately because they are literally falling off my body. I am curious though. But I also don’t see myself as getting skinnier and skinnier.

I see a lot, no, a ton of saggy, loose skin from my upper arms, from my once triple chin, from my thighs…. and finally from my belly area where I feel the most insecure.

This is not the exact “style” that I wear but I bought all of my Spanx from Catherine’s. They, too, are getting a lot bigger for me in size wise. But they are extremely expensive and I am making them work.

Thankfully since 2012, I found several Spanx-like tank tops that I wear over my bra but under my clothes to hold everything in neatly and smoothly. I wear them all the time with the exception of bedtime, swimming and in the bath/shower. Otherwise every day since my surgery on June 27, 2012, I’ve sported one.

Today I wore a shirt that has hung in my closet since January of this year. When I bought it, it was too small so I was hoping by becoming of summer it’d fit. Today was the first time I put it on since January. It literally hung off my shoulders. But I looked in the mirror and while it was too big, the way it fell made it look like a long tunic. So I wore some black leggings underneath… and got several compliments on the “outfit.”

So a week from now, I’ll be celebrating Labor Day weekend in the Black Hills again. I had so much fun and relaxation last Labor Day when we went. However, majority of my summer clothes including my jean shorts are all too big for me. I am hoping that it may be a little cooler there than hot so I do have some smaller sizes to try out. However, this is the last time I’ll be able to wear any of these clothes. Yes, it’s all good news and seriously I AM VERY HAPPY that I am still shrinking and will soon need new clothes but I love the clothes I currently have. They are trendy and cute. Such worries eh?

Is anyone watching Castle Rock on Hulu? Let’s discuss.