Here’s the Latest Happenings

With the end near of 2018, so many thoughts and memories come to mind. Despite not feeling well from Spring to October 18th, I really did have an awesome year. I started volunteering at an awesome bookstore. I even attempted to tutor but it didn’t work out. I met new friends and I joined a Murderino podcast/meet up group in February.

I also happened to drop 74 pounds in 2018. And got healthier and happier than I had been in years. I really did love my life in 2018.

In regards to my life-saving surgery on Oct. 23rd: Everything outwardly has closed up nicely. It appears that the healing has ended its course minus the edema is still in my legs (10 lbs left to shed). Between now through Feb. 12th, I am to allow my body on the inside to now heal and to not try to lose any weight until after 2/12/19. Mentally and emotionally, I have not processed ANY of this. My short-term memory is still splotchy and I was told, I may not ever recover anything from 2-months ago.

The photo on the right is from Friday, December 21st. As you can see, I still have fluid in my legs, making them a lot thicker than normal but overall, I was feeling good that day when the photo was taken.

I am still trying to figure out this new stomach of mine too. Unlike what I was trained to have — the lap band from 2012 to Oct. 23rd of this year … I knew what I could and could NOT eat. I thought I had a routine and I thought it was somewhat working for the best for me, especially since December 2017.

With only having 15% of my stomach now… I can surprisingly eat foods I couldn’t eat for the past 6 years. My new stomach also tells me extremely quickly when I need to stop eating and that I am full. I can eat up to 6 small meals per day. I always always always eat breakfast now. I never knew how important eating right away in the morning was until I had my surgery two months ago. I tend to eat my lunches not quite at my former times around 11:30AM… I tend to eat it later after the norm.

Also prior to this new stomach, eating oranges or any type of citrus fruits really upset my stomach. New stomach, I eat a lot of oranges. In fact, HyVee, here in Sioux Falls, currently has 4-pounds of oranges for a cheap price of $1.77 per bag this week. I bought three bags. And lately, I’ve been cutting up 4 oranges at a time and eat them as a healthy snack.

The photo to the left, is my healed up incision that is located below my breasts but above my belly button.

Today, December 27th, I have been alive 65 days.


Another Incredible Doc Visit

Meet my brilliant eye doctor, Dr. Joel Quist, of Dakota Vision Center, East Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Today, he said my eye balls have IMPROVED greatly since my 6-month check-up last April. And I do not have to return UNTIL April 22, 2019. Yippeeee-yahooozeeeee

So this happened today after work. Two days in a row this week that I have received ah-mazing results in two appointments.

For the record, I’ve had three incredible appointments dealing with my ‘diabetes,’ and all have turned out wonderful.

I had a pelvic ultrasound on October 12th and the results came back yesterday stating that I have no cysts, nothing fibrous or tumors causing the havoc that’s currently going on in my nether regions and my uterus thickness is how it’s supposed to be per my provider.

However, I will still be seeing a specialist on October 25th for an outcome to the unanswered questions that’s rattling around.

I am now waiting my mammogram results that I also had done on October 12th.

I cannot stress this enough to everyone out there… BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE TO YOUR HEALTHCARE!!!!

Only YOU and YOU alone can do this. Yeah you can have a power of attorney for medical reasons but before you sign your life over to someone else…. make others fully aware of your honest intentions and fight like hell to get yourself HEALTHY! And get 2nd or 3rd or 4th opinions if you do disagree with a provider….. !!!!!

So on to other exciting things in my life as I know it…. This is the best part of losing a ton of weight!!!! This past Saturday, I drove to Vermillion (SD) to the consignment shop called New 2 U … been consigning with them since October 2013. It’s an awesome place to consign with. And it’s such an awesome feeling to no longer be in the Plus Size Club. I cannot recall the last time I did not have anything in my closet that was considered plus size either. BEST. FEELING. EVER.

I have a huge pile of Summer/Spring clothes that I will be motoring down there in December when they start accepting those seasons.

I am thoroughly loving the person I am becoming with my new-found freedom of weight loss and it’s giving me the confidence I once had in my teen years. It’s such a blessing to find my voice after all these turbulent years.

I forgot about the withdrawal symptoms.

I am half way through the 10-day detox from the Wheat Belly. Uff da. I seemed to have forgotten the horrendous side effects of the detox. But holy shit, all week I have felt them.

  • Major fatigue
  • Sluggishness
  • Mental fog
  • Severe hunger pangs of junk food and like-minded processed foods that include wheat poison
  • Irritability
  • Lack of energy, lack of everything known as a human being
  • Stomach pangs
  • Desperate need for sugar overload
  • Light-headedness
  • Dizzy / Loss of balance while standing

Yeah so, this has been my life for the past 5-1/2 days. Crikey. Thankfully though, my water intake has been exceptionally awesome. I’ve been guzzling nature’s juice for years and years.

I found this online: Living Wheat-Free for Dummies. I should have read this number instead of the other books that I got through the Siouxland Libraries first.

Here’s to 4-1/2 more days left of getting toxins and poison out of my body!!!! CHEERS!

An Unexpected Surprise

This afternoon I went to see Dr. Stotz for a completely different reason other than weight loss. However, during the initial weigh in with the RN, I actually looked UP for the very first time when I stepped on the scale. I saw the number appear and it did not register at first. I cannot recall the last time I ever saw that number on a scale.


Once I got off the scale, I had to ask, did that really say _ _ _? She said yes. And left…. then my doctor came in with a huge smile on her face. I said to her, “Did you see the number?” Big grin, YES, she said. Oh. My. God.

We talked about the reason why I was there and then focused back on shedding another 17 pounds since I last saw her on April 2, 2018.

The last time I was under 200 lbs was around the age of 16 or 17 years old. I am almost there. I have really stepped up my walking on my breaks at work now that all the snow is gone. And I have upped my drinking of water and herbal teas, both hot and cold.

I am so proud of myself. Nothing has ever been easy for me but if you stick to your guns, you can do it. If you need guidance, let me help you.


The Last Time Was June 2005

In the summer of 2005, I wore a swimming suit in the ocean near San Clemente, California when my brother-in-law retired from the Marines, but I wore a t-shirt over the swimming suit in the ocean…. and I was only around family.  This was the very last time I wore one.

Thank you SHOPKO!

Today, I drove to Shopko as they are having a Memorial Sale for 50% all swimming suits. In my hand was a $10 coupon off if you spend $30.00, then I had a $10 rewards card to use on top of that. I picked out three different tankini swim tops. I bravely walked into the fitting room and tried them on.

My first thought was… WHAT IF I GET TRAPPED IN ONE OF THESE!!!! And I literally let out a laugh. Shockingly for me, two of them were too big. And the last one fit. And no, I do not have a flat stomach, yet. I will also not flaunt around in this number either but I wanted to get something I could afford, that actually fitted and I could be comfortable getting into the water. Again.

Baby steps.

And for my amazing dermatologist, Dr. Kendra Watson of Dakota Dermatology in Sioux Falls, SD … she recommended I start wearing SPC 50 sun screen. So I found a 16 ounce bottle on sale for $7.99 … after the 50% off the swim suit and using my two $20 coupons, my tankini was $6.76. My grand total, out-of-pocket expense was, $14.75.

My childhood friend who I’ve known since we were in the 5th grade lives close by. We’ve discussed going to a couple of the swimming pools here in Sioux Falls together on our days off. One of them has a great lazy river and I knew this was my summer to do something about enjoying myself in water again. I am also trying to do more “freebie” things this summer than shopping…. Another one of my friends has a swimming pool at her apartment complex. She’s already invited me over — in advance — to her complex. And I no longer want to hide indoors anymore.

Remember, find something you can focus on and just focus on one thing at a time in your life to fix. Then continue to improve yourself, one baby step at a time.

Be bravely you today.